Find Your Creative Voice: From The Inside Out

Find Your Authentic Writing Voice

Begin The Journey Of Exploring Your Creative Calling

Create The Life & Work You Were Made For

Are you a writer or creative trying to find your true creative voice but lacking confidence and direction?

Desperate to share your unique story with the world but lack focus and direction?

Tired of online writing courses which might be useful, but don’t meet your unique needs, or help you tell your unique story?


If so, I can help!

I believe each of us have a unique story and creative voice, and each of our stories has value – however many hear them. My passion is to help people like you find your unique creative voice and tell your story, and if you wish, to help you share that with the world.

With over 10 years of blogging experience, and experience of writing and publishing 5 books, including the #2 Bestseller ‘Mosaic Of Grace’, as well as 4 e-books on the subjects of identity, creativity and spirituality, I have the knowledge and experience which can help you find your voice, discover your creative calling, and tell your story.

For a long time, I struggled to find my writing voice. I was writing, but it didn’t feel like who I was. I had my talents, but I didn’t have my voice. I had a story, but didn’t know how to tell it. I had ideas, but they had no focus, no direction.

Do you often feel that way?

Like you know what you can do. You know you have a creative voice. You know you have a story you want to tell, which needs to be expressed. But you don’t know who you are, or what that voice is? You know your life is more than just about what you do. It’s about finding a your true creative voice, a direction, a purpose, telling your story – but you don’t know how to begin.

When this happened to me, I looked inside myself. I saw the mistakes I’d made, where I’d gone wrong, and learned some important lessons. In the process I discovered some habits, strategies, and lessons which ultimately helped me find my writing voice and share my story, and can help you too. 


So many writers and artists give up because their numbers aren’t good enough, or because they’re not making money from their work. Many of us think a story only has value if thousands of people hear it.

But all stories have value, including yours.

To give up your creative calling, is to deny the world your unique creative voice. And that’s a loss to the whole world. Your work, your voice and your story have value because you have value, because they exist – and I can help you be free and prepared to express your true creative self, and tell your unique story.

I began sharing these ideas in coaching, and saw they had a transformative impact on others too. One client, Julie-Anne, began our coaching thinking her creative calling was one thing, but as we worked through these concepts, ultimately found a better, more authentic meaning and purpose to her creativity, and her life.

Julie-Anne discovered a new dimension to her creative side she had never even considered, and felt liberated to explore that, to explore and to share her unique story – and I helped her build a successful blog and business from it.  (You can read her testimony in full at the bottom of the page).


“James shared insights and ideas with me that influenced the trajectory of my life.” – Julie-Anne Mauno


Here’s some of the key insights, ideas and strategies I learned which helped me and ultimately others find their true creative voice – and which I believe can help you find yours too:


  • The life-changing impact of choosing to begin our stories and define ourselves by who we are, not what we do


  • Why having a healthier rhythm to our lives gives us the energy and inspiration to create the work we were born for, and live a life of purpose


  • How and why having people who tell us the truth can stop us from losing our authenticity and integrity in our creative work


  • What it means to have healthy dreams and expectations and how they transform how we see ourselves and our creative work


  • How listening to our heart helps us discover our authentic selves, and find our unique creative voice – and some daily habits which can help us to do that.


  • Why we need to redefine and confront failure and success, and how this transforms our creativity


After seeing this work successfully with others, I knew this was something all writers and artists could benefit from. And I want to give you the opportunity to experience this life changing process too, in a way which fits with who you are, your voice, your talents and your needs.

Through our work together I will help you do the following:


  • Explore and understand the idea of you being enough as you are – which can free you to live a life free of fear.


  • Learn to let go of old ideas of success and failure, and see them, and your own life and creative work in a new way.


  • Be empowered and equipped with the ideas, strategies and routines enabling you to begin creating the work you were made for.


  • Understand core principles you need to begin discovering and exploring your true creative voice and calling.


And I will help you answer questions like:


  • How you can know yourself better, understand your desires, dreams and passions. Because when you do that, then you can finally create the art, do the work you were created to do, and live out the story you were made for.


  • How to practice a healthy rhythm to your life – and find one which works specifically for you. Because when you have a healthy rhythm to life, then you’re operating at your peak potential, and realise you can do more and create better work than you ever imagined.


  • How to create and construct your life in a way which allows your creative side to thrive – because we’re all different, and all of us require different routines, practices, habits, in order to reach our full potential – and when we find them, we are free to begin to fully explore our creative side .


  • How to build a healthy rhythm to your life which gives you more energy, better time management, as when we do that, it allows you to focus on pursuing your creative calling.


This is about investing in yourself, in discovering your true creative calling, finding your authentic voice and moving forward into doing the work you were made for. And there’s three ways for you to do this – all of which involve one to one interaction with me on some level, so can be tailored to you:

Option 1: 12 Steps To Finding Your Calling (video course + 2 one-to-one calls + e-mail communication)

This is a 12 part video course exploring fundamental principles which can help you finding your unique creative voice, build daily habits which will help you thrive, find the accountability you need, the importance of rest, how to stay grounded, balancing big dreams with healthy expectations, and how to take practical steps to explore your creative calling. You’ll also get 2 30 minute calls with me for accountability and support, and one-to-one e-mail/text chat communication.

Investment: $300 (approx £200)

Option 2: One To One Coaching

This involves 12 one to one Zoom/Skype sessions with me, tailored to your individual needs, where we’ll take the principles and apply them directly, your life, and your work. Together we’ll explore and discover your unique creative voice, and how you can take practical steps to building healthy routines and habits, and taking action to step out and explore your true, unique creative calling.

Investment: $1000 (approx £800)

Option 3: One To One / 12 Steps Combo (save $100)

This gives you both one to one coaching and video course, at the discounted price.  The two work well in harmony but can be equally useful on their own – it’s all about what fits your needs, and your budget.

Investment: $1200 (Approx £1000 – saving of $100)

Interested? Schedule a FREE Discovery Call

You can schedule a 30 minute, free, no obligation, discovery call with me to see if working together would be a good fit for both of us, This no-cost call will itself be helpful in you beginning this journey. Time and spaces are limited, so please schedule a call as quick as you can, to ensure you get the coaching you need.

If you are ready to stop settling for a life based on what you do, to invest in your own life, explore and develop your unique, authentic creative voice, build healthy creative rhythms, and tell a better story with you life, then schedule a 30 minute discovery call with me in the link below.

“As a coach, James helped me understand my identity, my calling, my gifts. Through James’ gentle but constant encouragement, wisdom, and experience, I was able to break through the barriers that were holding me back. My writing style has become more confident and my sense of identity is much more authentic.

James is personal, transparent and kind. But most of all, he is generous. He truly cares about your writing journey. Even more importantly, he cares about your personal journey and understands how the two are uniquely intertwined.

I would highly recommend James to anyone seeking to clarify their message, increase their confidence, reach a greater level of authenticity and a strong sense of identity and purpose both in their writing and in their life.”

– Julie-Anne Mauno