Hi there. Since I started writing this blog,  several blog series on different themes have appeared on the site, especially recently – on topics like Abstinence and Masculinity as well as other important issues of faith, as well as my Mum’s story.

You’ll also find below a link to all the liturgical related posts I have shared on the site, which cover pretty much the whole of the traditional church calendar.

I thought it would be helpful to collect the best of these together on one page, so it’s much easier for you to access them. So below there are six of my blog series & all my liturgical-related posts collected together for you to read.

I hope you enjoy them.

Blessings, James.



Part One: A dirty word?

Part Two: Beyond the romance

Part Three: Sometimes, it’s tough



Part One: Beyond Gender

Part Two: Beyond a Man-Box (Guest Post by God_Loves_Women)

Part Three: Being Jesu-nine


Dying to Live:

Part One: Steve Jobs & how to die to live

Part Two: Dying to religion?



Part One – Lose the  Fig Leaf

Part Two – Where are your accusers?

Part Three  – Journeying Into Honesty

How real is your Jesus?

Are you honest with God – or yourself?


Mum’s story:

Part 1: April 1st

Part 2: April 29th – My day my Mum died

Part 3: Finding peace..and a diary

Part 4: Let not the children suffer


The Passion:

Passion Week: An Introduction

The Passion (1): Not my will but yours

The Passion (2): Good Friday – Not knowing, but trusting

The Passion (3): Holy Saturday – what now?

The Passion (4): Jesus delivers


Liturgical posts:

All Saints Day

Advent: Finding the Christ in Christmas

Advent 1: Shalom

Advent 2: Waking up to God

Advent 3: Grace

Advent 4: Joy

Epiphany: God with us, for all of us

The Battle of Maundy Thursday

The Cross – humanity & divinity united

Good Friday – “I know how it feels”

Resurrection (Rob Bell)

Death & resurrection: The cycle of life