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I’ve been a regular guest blogger for others over the years (find more of my work here). As many of you know, I’ve also had the privilege of hosting several excellent guest posters on this blog. I’ve been fortunate enough to host some some great writers like Tanya Marlow and Wendy van Eyck, amongst others.

I’m also looking forward to hosting several more great writers in 2014 – keep your eyes peeled for those, and go to this page if you’d like to join them and become a guest poster yourself.

Anyway, I thought it would be a great idea to put the best of these guest posts in one place where you could access them easily.

So here’s some of the best guest posts I’ve had here over the years. I hope you’re as blessed by them as I was.


Building Up (Guest Post by Tanya Marlow)

When A Gift Doesn’t Look Like One (Guest Post by Joy Lenton)

The Night I Forgot the Words (Guest Post by Tim Gallen)

God, Artists & The Void (Guest Post by Deanne Welsh)

The Difference Encouragement Makes (Guest Post by Wendy van Eyck)

What the Angels Said (Guest Post by Annmarie Miles)

A Road Map of Struggle (Guest Post by Wendy van Eyck)


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