Why Encouragement Is The Secret to Discovering Your Identity (a guest post for Chris Morris)

14233Hi everyone. The week of encouragement continues today, and I have the privilege of being a guest poster for my dear friend Chris Morris. He’s an writer and blogger, and blogs regularly on strategies for encouragement and not giving up on the journey of life. He’s become like a brother in recent months, and I’m honoured to be guesting for him today.

You can read it by clicking the link below.

I talk about wihy encouragement is key to discovering out identity, and share some stories of how it’s helped shape my own. It’s a message I really believe in and I hope will inspire you too.

The post is an adapted,  extended section of the book ‘Reflections on Encouragement’ so you can get a taster of the two books on encouragement I am giving away free from this week (more on that below).

Read the excerpt below…then follow the link at the end to read the rest:

Words are powerful. They shape us. They are the catalyst for us discovering our identity, but can also create deep scars which can last a lifetime. And I’ve experienced both.

At school I was constantly told by my peers how useless I was, how I was worth nothing, not good enough. And to this day I struggle with the voices in my head feeding my those messages.

On the other hand though, my Dad asked me from the age of 12 to help him write a monthly newsletter he wrote to about 500 people – because he said I was better at writing than he was, and wanted my help. And the confidence I had in my writing gift just grew and grew. Later on, a well respected writer told me he was my biggest fan, and asked me to guest post for him.

And it’s changed my life.

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Dance Of The Writer updated CoverMeanwhile here tomorrow the week of encouragement continues – and I have a free (yes, free) MP3 download for you, which I’ll let you know more about tomorrow.

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