Episode 70 | Nish Weiseth on the US Presidential Election

My dear friend Nish Weiseth returns to James Talks today, in a special episode to discuss the imminent US Presidential election. Nish and I are both passionate about politics, and it’s role in the world – and the US election result affects us all, which is why we decided to do this special episode.

Nish & I explore in more detail about the potential implications of a Trump Presidency, both for Nishs’ own state of Utah, the US and potentially the world too, and we talk about what the implications of Trumps’ campaign – whether ultimately successful or not – says about American culture, American politics, the evangelical church, and what the future might hold.

This was recorded just after the first Presidential debate, before the controversies on both sides which have arisen since – but is still a fascinating discussion on what’s a really important topic. Not just the election, but culture, and the church, are all impacted by this election. Nish has such wisdom and passion, and it’s definitely worth a listen.

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