A New Look, Embracing Your Other Side & Letting Grace In

manandwomenHello friends, welcome back to my blog. Today is kind of an update/catch up post – it’s a busy day for me, writing wise, with two guest posts on other blogs – and a new look for this site! There’s lots of news so let’s get going:

A New Look – Going Pro

First, the obvious – the new look. I decided a few months back I wanted to up the ante in terms of quality, design, and content. The thought was, as I’m looking to move into doing more coaching & e-courses, and with a book coming out, it’s time I got more professional with this site, in terms of design, accessibility and in terms of quality.

Part of that was a full on makeover, which would allow you to access my work more easily, and make this place a more welcoming one for you all. I hope that’s the case – my friend Micah Murray has done an amazing job and do look around and explore – and let me know any feedback you have.

Guest Posts

Second, I have two guest posts I have going live today! One is my regular monthly column for the Multiply Goodness website – today’s post on being enough, grace, and resting in our identity in God – if only we let grace in. You can find that here.

The second post is for my friend, writer and blogger Jory Micah, an advocate for gender equality. In it I discuss the science behind how men and women were made, and what that can tell us about ourselves, how God made us, and about God Himself. There’s a little excerpt below with a link to the post at the end.

So, with all this news, plus my upcoming book ‘Mosaic Of Grace’, and some soon-to-be-announced developments with my podcast, it’s an exciting time around here. Be sure to sign up to my mailing list in the form homepage, or the form on my ‘Books’ page, for all the latest posts and updates.

So, as promised, here’s a little taster of my post for Jory – have a great day everyone, and catch you all soon.


One of the most condescending things, which men still seem to say quite often is “Oh, it’s just her hormones”. Men actually say this. Under their breath sometimes. And if I, as an egalitarian man, get offended by this, then I’m sure it’s even more offensive to women.

This kind of comment demonstrates a complete disrespect for women. It belongs to the patriarchal view that men are the clinical, decisive, strong, masculine gender, and women are emotional, not strong, not decisive gender.

Basically, the whole “men are masculine, women are feminine” concept – Men have tons of testosterone and therefore (in their eyes) strength, and women tons of estrogen, which makes them less able to be strong and decisive. Apparently.

Now you could easily dismiss this as an excuse for prejudice (and let’s face it, it is). But there’s an even better way to dismiss this. The very fact that’s it’s not based on the real science of our bodies. The way God designed male and female bodies is different.

But…women have testosterone. Men have estrogen. And that’s scientific fact. (Read more.)


(Picture Source: JoryMicah.com)

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