Episode 74 | Chasing Lovely 3: The Wolfies Reunited (With Exclusive LIVE Performance)

My friends Chloe and Taylor Turner, AKA Chasing Lovely, return to the podcast today for the fourth time – third time as guests. As ever, we have a whole load of fun discussing spirituality, creativity, mystery, doubt and loads more.

Chloe and Taylor share what’s happening on their own journey, as individuals and as a band, both creatively and spiritually. They also discuss how their spiritual journey is impacting their creative journey, and the continuing intersections between those two areas. The duo also discuss their next musical project, and exclusively share a new, unreleased track performed live and exclusive for James Talks. Plus, you’ll finally hear the secret story behind how and why the Chasing Lovely episodes are called ‘Wolfie’ episodes! 🙂

Talking to these guys is always so much fun and they have such wisdom and maturity beyond their years in the areas of creativity and spirituality. I know you’ll all love this episode.

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