transformersFor the last two or three years I’ve adopted a ‘One Word’ for the year. The concept is to choose a word which will define your year, which will guide and direct all you do and be at the centre of everything that year.

For 2014 I chose ‘courage’. And this turned out to be very prophetic. I was confronted with the worst of myself and the best of myself.

The best? That I have a writing gift which God wants me to use to benefit others for good – and which actually makes a difference in the world. That I’m well-liked, respected person and writer with a lot to give to the world, and have infinite value and worth as I am.

The worst? My abysmal management of my finances which was going to land me in major trouble unless I took action. How disconnected I’d become from God, and from my own calling. And in what bad health I was in, physically, mentally, emotionally, professionally and spiritually. And above all, my epilepsy-related depression.

This is what happens when you choose a word for the year. In some strange, cosmic way, it comes to challenge you, and incapsulate everything you are in that year. And it’s not exaggeration to say it changes your life for the better.

For past few years when I’ve chosen words they have challenged me and changed me. My hope is the same will happen this year

I’ll be honest.I’ve struggled to find a word for this year. There’s so many words I could choose which would be appropriate for this year.

Intentional – I want to be intentional about my life for this year.

Responsibility –  I intend on taking more responsibility for my life this year

Enough – this year needs to begin with me knowing I’m enough right now, overweight, no books released, no courses written, nothing achieved, no weight lost, no counselling or therapy undergone as yet.

All these words are big words for me this year, and I will be bearing them all in my heart for 2015. And if I had chosen any of them for my OneWord this year, it would be entirely appropriate.

But as I considered my word for the year, I realised how in the past my one word hasn’t been a description of where I am now, but more a prophecy of what is to come. A call out to me to step forward in my life and move toward a new tomorrow.

And the word which kept coming to me was


Now for some of you this may remind you of certain Michael Bay movies, or for we children of the 80’s, of toys of our childhood. But it’s a word which really does embody my hopes for this coming year.

My Word & Your Word

Unknown-12015 has the potential to be a year of transformation. I hopefully will have two hardcopy books coming out, including my first full length book. And regardless of how many they sell, the simple act of releasing printed hardcopy books for sale, is a gigantic, humungous achievement for me. It’s something I never, ever believed I would ever do.

And I know the whole process of this will change me in some way.

There will be a legacy in my life – whether it’s only in my soul, or some movement in the development of my blog. For absolute certain, it will transform me as a writer.

I’ve also for the first time created a life plan for myself, through Donald Miller & Storyline’s ‘Create Your Life Plan’, course. Making decisions about what to say yes to and more crucially, say no to in my life, set clear goals and priorities, and begin a daily schedule for my plans and priorities for each day, including rest and my social life.

I won’t go into too much detail – because I want others to see the fruit of this plan in my life, rather than me tell everyone what the plan is. This is because in the past I’ve made plans and not kept them – and I don’t intend this to be the case this time around.

And if this plan bears fruit over this year and coming years, I’m going to be transformed.

One of the reasons I’ve procrastinated about living out new plans in the past is fear. I have always sensed God has something more for me than the life I have now, and the person I am now. And because it’s been disguised for so long and I’ve run away from it, living a different life, for so long, barely anyone knows who this person is – including me.

I see glimpses of him from time to time, and I like what I see. But to live this way all the time, and embrace this fully, means not just changes in my character, but changes physically, and changes in my circumstances – and I have no idea what any of this will look like.

The word courage was very appropriate for last year precisely for this reason – I needed to choose to walk this path despite not knowing the outcome. And as I enter 2015 this is what I’m trying to do, piece by piece.

I’m stepping, with absurd and blind courage, stepping into God’s plan for me.

My hope is God’s plan will transform my life. Just as a #OneWord365 could transform yours. (you can tweet that)

So, my call to you today is to choose a word for 2015 (if you haven’t already). A word which incapsulates where you are and where you want to be. Which calls you out and challenges you to grow.

I can tell you from experience, you’ll never regret choosing a word for the year.

Are you with me?



Question For Reflection

Do you have a one-word for 2015? If not, what would it be?

Let Me Know In The Comments Below!



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