For the last two weeks I’ve participated in Lisa-Jo Baker’s “Five-Minute Friday”. The concept is simply writing for 5 minutes, straight from the heart, on a given subject – and then sharing it.

No edits, no marinading or reflecting – just write and share.

Anyhow, here’s today’s “5 Minute Friday” – the theme, appropriately for Good Friday, is “Broken”.

Here goes…

The myth perpetuated throughout our culture is some people have it all together – the successful, rich, good-looking – and some don’t. And this is how it is. Allegedly.

Except it’s not true.

All of us are broken.

Every. Single. One of us.

We’re all messed up. We’ve all made mistakes.

We all have deep hurts, fears and insecurities buried inside.

We’re all shattered like broken glass.

Today is Good Friday, when the one person who wasn’t broken allowed His body and soul to be torn apart so all our brokenness could be restored. So we could be put back together into a beautiful mosaic.

But it’s not only this.

He allowed Himself to be broken so He can relate to us. So He understands better how we feel. And so we can always say whatever our circumstances

“I’m not alone”

Today is about Jesus being able to say to us “I know how you feel”, and not just heal us of our suffering…but share in it with us.

Whether we know it or not, we are all broken. We all need healing and restoration. And grace is us owning this truth, recognising it, and beginning to receive healing and forgiveness. To begin the process of restoration.

And we have no need to fear. Because someone has been there before. The person who heals us, knows how it feels to be broken.

We aren’t alone. He’s been broken too.






This post is part of ’5 Minute Friday’ – today, on the theme “Broken”.

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