imagesHi everyone, I’m now back from sabbatical. It was an amazing time, and I will share more about it and the lessons I learned here very soon. For now, it’s a return to “Five Minute Friday”(you can find all my Five Minute Friday posts in the ‘related posts’ at the bottom).

The concept is simple, and in my opinion, brilliant: Write for 5 minutes, straight from the heart, on that weeks theme  (given by Lisa-Jo) – and then share it.

No edits, no marinading or reflecting – just write and share.

As I’ve always said, if you’re a writer or blogger, it’s well worth doing occasionally – it really challenges and helps you grow as a writer. It’s most definitely helped me and I look forward to it every week.

The reason I’m posting on Five Minute Friday today is because this week’s theme is particularly relevant to something which happened to me a few weeks ago, and a work which God has been doing me in recently. The theme is “Belong”.

I hope you like the post, and please do let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Here goes:


For a long time I thought I was in the group whilst everyone else was lost. God was out looking for everyone else, and as I was already in the group, and would never leave, was taken for granted and ignored. Part of church, mature Christian, moving forward. No issues there.

But that changed three weeks ago at church. For a long time I had acted like the victim, I had blamed God for all my problems, and had my rants at his expense. Treating Him like a bully. He was always innocent, but I had blamed Him for events, circumstances which hadn’t been caused by Him

Because it’s easy to blame someone you can’t see. Especially God.

But in a sermon from my pastor that Sunday, I heard loud and clear – enough was enough. It had to stop. So I went forward for prayer, and was given two words from God.

First, He told me that my insistence He didn’t love me and only wanted to bully and taunt me had to end.

He asked me how many times He had to keep telling me the truth for me to believe Him. That I was infinitely loved and valued by Him. Just as I was.

But then came something even more profound.

The person praying for me said to me I was a lost sheep, and God had come out to find me. He had searched for me, and He was bringing me home. I have never felt I belonged in my entire life.

I have been an outsider everywhere I have been, and if I wasn’t I always felt like one. Despite being a mature Christian, despite knowing the truth about God, and knowing all the Bible verses, and how much God loved me, I’d never felt I belonged anywhere.

My past had made me mistrustful of God, of the world – and that fear still strikes sometimes.

But when God gave me this word, when He said He had come to search for me, when He told me to start believing the truth about my infinite worth, and told me I belonged to Him,

at that moment I suddenly felt alive.

I felt I belonged.

I belonged, not just to my church community, but to something, someone, far bigger. I just belonged to God. I knew in my heart, in the depths of my soul, I would never be alone. No matter what happened, where I was, whatever my circumstances..

I belonged. To God. And if I ever get lost, He will search the whole world to find me. He will not abandon me. I will never be alone. He will not abandon me.

I belong. And I will belong forever.

Just like all of us. We might be lost and have no idea we are. But we have a God who will never give up on us, and will never stop trying to find us.

We already belong. Every single one of us.


Have you ever felt you don’t belong? Do you still feel that way?

What would it take for you to know you do belong?






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