calling directionI don’t write because its fun. I don’t write because I always like it. I don’t write because it always makes me feel good. I don’t write to get applause or to make money.

I write for two reasons:

Because I love it.

And because it’s my calling.

Calling is an often-used word, sounds a bit corny and over-romanticised.

But calling is important – for all of us.

You see writing might be my calling – but sometimes I don’t like writing. Like any relationship it has its down times, it’s conflicts, it’s struggles. Writing is work. And it’s a battle at times.

But I keep going. Because I know deep down that I love writing. I love the craft. The work. The process.

And I keep going because I also have a strong sense that this is something I was created for. Something I was born to do.

If I wrote just because it was fun and I enjoyed it, because it gave a good feeling, or because it gave me status or wealth, I would have quit a long time ago.

Those are nice things in themselves. Sometimes they do come along. But they aren’t why I write.

I write because I love writing, and because I was born to write. It’s that simple.

And the truth is, we all have a calling. Every single one of us. In fact, we may have more than one calling. (tweet that here)

It’s that ache, that passion in your heart, the cause you feel someone should do something about, that thing you do which makes you lose track of time. Our calling is what we were designed to do, and it’s what makes us feel most alive.

This blog is all about authenticity and discovering our true identity and calling, and I want to share resources with you which will help you in your own journey. As such, I want to recommend a new book on calling by my friend Jeff Goins.

Art Of Work cover art of work cover 2It’s called ‘The Art Of Work’. It’s one of the best books I’ve read on the subject, and arguably Jeff’s best work. It talks about calling – what it is, how we find it, how we explore and discover it, and put it into practice.

The book releases tomorrow – but you can get it free today. All you do is pay for postage and packing. And when you get the book for free, you’ll also be given access to $250 worth of material, including a great video course, a free pdf download of the book, and a handbook onto how to practically apply Jeff’s ideas in your own life – again, all absolutely free. You can get all this here.

For those who want to go deeper, there’s even a more in depth video course, which costs a little bit more but again, is well worth the investment. I realise in these times not all of us have access to big money to invest in another course – but if there’s a course which is worth investing in, this would definitely be one – and it’s available half price until tomorrow here.

It’s all really great material and I’d recommend it to anyone. Jeff is one of the best writers I know and has so much wisdom on calling. 

One of my major callings is to write. I have other callings – coaching/teaching, serving others in my church community, helping those in need in my own community, even being a good friend.

You have your own calling. Your own story to tell.

Whether you read the book or not, search for that ache. That passion deep inside. That activity or cause which brings you to life. Explore it. See where it takes you.

In the process, you might find what you were born to do.

Are you with me?




Question for Reflection: 

What steps could you take today to discover your calling?

Let me know in the comments below!


If you want to get Jeff’s new book on calling ‘The Art Of Work’ free (only postage & packing) – today only – and $250 worth of material on top of this (again, free), then click here.


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