Dance Of The Writer updated CoverI was just having an innocent, fun Facebook conversation with some writers, making a joke. On a useful list of 31 things to do every day for a month to begin blogging, which someone had posted, ‘Write an E-Book’ and ‘Publish an ‘E-Book’ were listed on successive days.

All I said was

‘E-Book in day? Really?’

And that was it. A little light-hearted joke. But then, a good friend, Christine, challenged me. Why couldn’t I create a book in a day? And not just a hastily arranged amateur book, but a full on, professional, quality e-book.

Why not try it? 

I honestly thought there was no chance. Creating a book and finalising it all in a day? Me? Other people, maybe. But me? I wasn’t so sure. But my Christine was insistent I could do it. So was another friend, Jeff. They believed in me, and encouraged me to try it.

So in a moment of blind faith, I said yes.

And amazingly, after a lot of writing, compiling, designing, editing, late into the night, I actually did it. I created a book in 24 hours.I’ve never felt such a sense of achievement in my life. I’m so thankful Christine and Jeff  believed in me so much, and for their practical help creating it. 

I’ll be writing more about precisely how to write a book in 24 hours soon..but for now I have exciting news for you all.

This book I created in 24 hours is going to be available for free – this week!

So now for the question you’re probably asking, “What’s this book about?”

Let me tell you.

Between 2011-2013 I embarked on a major period of growth in my blog community, and in my development as a writer. I wrote two e-books and the basis of what would become my first full length book, which will release next year. I improved as a writer, and built new relationships.

But in February this year, my friends told me they were concerned I’d lost my writers heart. My blog posts weren’t as good as they had been – and weren’t my best work. Above all, they didn’t ring true to who I was. My desire to reach out to as many as possible, to promote my work, to please others, had compromised my work.

And as I reflected, I knew they were right.

So as some of you will know, I took a sabbatical from public writing. I kept writing, but only for myself. I put public writing aside for a while.

In that process, I realised a healthy desire to grow a blogging community had been tainted and compromised by how I’d gone about marketing and promoting my work. The business of writing had stifled the art, the honesty and above all, the authenticity out of my writing. I began again to rediscover my true writers heart and passion, and resolved I would come back on my terms, writing and publishing about issues I cared about, regardless of the response. I would be authentic, whatever the circumstances.

10525357_10154818257845464_3994242288467556690_n-1As I reflected on the topic of authenticity, it became clear to me how lacking some writing, indeed, much art of the world we live in, has shunned authenticity in the name of making a buck. The temptation and necessity to use business and marketing to promote our work, can easily cause us to lose our authenticity.

And if we lose authenticity in our work, we not only lose readers, but we can also lose our souls. (you can tweet that)

Then, we often create crap art. Or at least, don’t create the art we’re truly capable of.

I saw how business and marketing had to come after our art. How we need to have our identity grounded in the right place, embrace the rhythm of sabbath, and get in touch with our true voice, before we come to the business of our work. And how creativity and business are, in fact, dance partners – and there is this dance all writers and artists must engage with. Prioritising and maintaining artistic integrity, but recognising the realities of promoting and marketing our work.

It’s a message I knew many people needed to hear, one I cared passionately about and urgently wanted to share with others – both those at the beginning of their blogging/writing journey, and those in the midst of it. So I began writing and thinking on this subject more and more. And when challenged to write a book in 24 hours, there was really only one option.

And today, it’s a real book. ‘Dance Of The Writer: A Beginners Guide To Authentic Writing’.

It’s a book for all artists, all who want to share their creative work with the world and recognise the struggle between artistic integrity and the realities of business and marketing. It offers some lessons I’ve learned from my own journey and gives practical advice on how all of us can embrace authenticity in our art, whilst dancing hand in hand with the realities of promoting and selling our work to others.

So, how do you get a copy of this book?

Well, from Monday 1st December this book will be available free to all new blog subscribers.

All you need to do is fill in the form below, (or on the form underneath my banner, or at the top of my blog) with you name & e-mail & hit ‘Send Me My Free E-Book’ or and you’ll get your free copy today.

I’m so excited to share this with you. Authenticity is something I’m really passionate about – it’s so important for us all to embrace authenticity in our lives, and my hope is the book will be a simple first step for you in that process.

I’ll be sharing more about the book itself, and how I wrote a book in 24 hours, very soon. Because having done it myself, I believe we are all capable of achieving it, and that it can seriously help us grow as writers in so many ways – it definitely has for me, and I’d like to show you how it can for you too.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll go reserve your copy of ‘Dance Of The Writer’ today – and begin the journey toward authenticity.

Get Your FREE Copy Of ‘Dance Of The Writer’ Today

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