imagesFrom my early 20’s I wanted to become a pastor. Back then I lived in a fantasy world when it came to my desires and ambitions. I imagined how these events would transpire, even down to the finest detail.

All this time I had been casually writing, and people had often come to me over the years out of the blue and told me about how good a writer I was. How I should pursue it more seriously. A secret santa present. Words of encouragement. I had family telling me all the time.

I didn’t listen. Writing had always come so easily to me, I simply didn’t get how anyone would find it difficult. A combination of arrogance, ignorance and low self-esteem in regards to my writing led me to neglect the gift.

As time passed I found a new church which gave me the divine equivalent of a huge great boot right up my backside, compelled me to take initiative and grow up.

Meanwhile I was still casually blogging. Writing about faith-related issues when the mood took me, but not taking it too seriously.

But then I began to get ideas. For books. For blog posts. And somehow, I found myself writing every day. It became a habit. Each day I would get home and write something. I’d pour my heart out on my laptop.

I’d be sitting at work and get an idea pop into my head, and I couldn’t wait to get home and write it down.

Soon it began to dawn on me. I loved writing. It was pure joy for me. I loved it. Because it wasn’t, at the time, what I felt called to. I didn’t have any dreams of being a great writer. It was a hobby, not a calling back then.

But now I see.

I was already doing what I was created to do. 

In what I thought were in-between moments, I was already living out my divine destiny . (you can tweet that here)

I’d just been blind to see it.

However, when I realised this it became difficult. Because the fantasies about being a pastor now changed to those about being a successful author. I lost the joy for a while. I began to feel like a failure because I hadn’t got enough subscribers, not written a book. The in-between fantasy shifted from pastor to author.

I wrote my manifesto. And this became the moment. The target my life had revolved around. My make or break.

Although it was successful, it wasn’t as huge a success as I secretly hoped. I felt a failure. As time passed though realised I had been so consumed with the outcome of the book, had such crazy fantasies about it, I’d missed the joy of creating it. I’d missed the pure joy of the in-between.

The in-between is where real life is. We all get these big moments, but they never last. The real work gets done in the in-between moments – and often, it’s in those times the real joy is found.

And in many ways, in one area of life or another, we’re always in the in-between. We merely need to open our eyes and see it.

I’m writing a book. And although I’ve got plans and hopes for this book, this time I’m just enjoying the process. I’m taking joy from the pure and simple work of creating the book. Now. Today.

Whatever the result, I’m going to have loved writing it. The sweat, the tears, the energy, the wrestling, the typing. It will be pure joy – and in many ways I’ll be sad when it ends.

I will get the big moment. And when it comes, I’ll enjoy it, but with a healthier perspective. No matter how well the book does, I will enjoy the moment it releases. Because I’ll have true joy which can only come from making the most of the in-between moments. Because I’m fully present now.

The in-between makes the big moments more meaningful and more joyful.

So don’t neglect this moment.

It’s this moment which could change your life.


41RKlFZSoYL._SS500_To explore more about the concept of the in-between, I want to recommend a new book by my friend Jeff Goins. It’s called “The In-Between: Living in the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing”.

In the book Jeff explores the ideas I outline in greater detail, using stories from his own life, and shows us how we can start to make the most of the in-between moments. It gives us a powerful and inspiring glimpse of how to be fully present in our own lives.

Jeff is a great writer with great wisdom and humility and it’s well worth a read. The book releases August 1st and you can pre-order it here.



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