Hi blogging community. Welcome back to my “week of encouragement”, as I talk about the power of words, how they shape us, the importance of encouragement and how we need to use our words better.

And today I have a video to share with you!

Yesterday I talked about how words shape us for either good or ill, and today I’m excited to share a new interview with you, which you can watch on video, by the author & blogger, and someone I’m lucky to count as a friend, Lorna Kopp. (you can find her writing online at RawStoryLife.com)

In the interview Lorna and I talk about the power of words, I share some stories about positive and negative experiences of words in my life, both from my childhood and from more recent years, including how ‘The Matrix’ helped shape my identity as a writer (where you find out the link between Morpheus and Jesus…)

I also go into more depth about the importance of encouragement, the difference between true humility and fake humility and how that relates to encouragement, as well many other issues I address in the books.

Finally, I share a bit more about some exciting developments in my writing which will be happening in the next few months, and ideas for future books.

I throughly enjoyed the interview, and Lorna has a lot of wisdom herself on the subject of encouragement which I know you’ll really be blessed by. The video is about 47 mins long, but it’s divided up into individual questions so if you like you can watch it in chunks.

Give it a watch & feel free to share it around. Hope it really blesses you, and thanks again to Lorna for the interview!

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Words change the world. This is where I use mine to serve you. I hope you’ll join up and come on this journey with me.


Tomorrow in the ‘Week of Encouragement’:

I’ll be sharing more about encouragement, with a guest post for Chris Morris, which I’ll link to here! Catch you then!



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