‘Science Mike’ McHargue is back on James Talks this week, to discuss his new book, ‘Finding God In The Waves’ & answer some searching questions about science, and how it connects with our spirituality.

Mike talks about how he lived anonymously as an atheist for two years, being in leadership in his local church & even leading his own daughter to Christ whilst being an atheist. Mike shares the conflicts, the challenges, the emotions which he experienced during that time, and what his faith looks like now, having come back to Jesus through science. 

I then ask Mike some science/faith questions (which you kinda have to do when you’ve got Science Mike on your show), like these: 

Do you think there’s an element of the supernatural in the scientific, and what do you believe about the links between them?

 – One thing which is argued by Christians is the idea we’re all born fundamentally flawed – what’s your perspective on that, and scientifically what does that look like in terms of how the brain works and it’s desires, it’s needs?

What’s your thoughts on the idea, suggested by some experts, that this universe might be simulated, and what’s your definition of what’s real, and what isn’t real?

 Do you think science will ever get to the point where we agree, without necessarily 100% proof, that there is an external intelligence, or intelligent design behind the universe, and the argument may well become who that is, and what it looks like, rather than whether it exists?

Mike finishes with a message of hope for all struggling with faith, doubt sharing from his own experience. This was one of my fave shows to do, and can’t wait for you to take a listen.

And remember to check out Mike’s new book ‘Finding God In The Waves’ – it’s truly inspiring & mind blowing, and it’s available to order on Amazon right now!

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