I’ve heard many people talk about ‘calling’, ‘mission’ and ‘purpose’. It’s becoming almost part of our DNA as Christians now to have a ‘calling’.

One of the standard questions Christians eventually ask when they get to know one another is what that person feels ‘called’ to do. Come on, we’ve all heard it haven’t we – we’ve probably asked it ourselves, perfectly legitimately.

But calling has been undersold. It’s much more – and different – than we have been led to believe.

Calling is not just supernatural. It’s an evolutionary process, which goes on through our entire lives.(Tweet this here)

Last year Rob Bell and his family decided to leave the church they had planted 13 years ago to move to the other side of the US – away from what many – including even him – had thought was a ‘lifetime calling’.

But Rob has since called his move to LA simply a natural “evolution” of what he has been seeking to do all along – ‘compellingly communicate the message of Jesus’.

His sense of calling appears to be more of a natural, almost evolutionary process.

Rob’s journey led him into the direction he is now – which is totally beyond anything he would ever have imagined when he planted the church all those years ago. But he was doing what was right then.

At that moment.

Not knowing exactly where that would lead, but doing it anyhow.

However, Rob didn’t ‘wait’ for this call. From what he’s said it’s only as time has gone on and he’s achieved the things he has that he has ‘discovered’ this was his calling.

Discovering your calling. A calling that evolves.

What a revolutionary concept. Or maybe, it’s what’s been happening with us all along.

For a long time I wanted to be a pastor. It’s all I thought about. I was convinced it would happen someday.

In 2002 I did a gap year with YWAM. Part of this was a discipleship course, which involved a lot of writing. I’d written poetry a bit in school and had always been good at it and English generally, but had never considered myself potentially a professional writer.

However, the leaders kept telling me I needed to explore this gift. That writing was something I simply had to pursue. I was given a secret santa present during my gap year – which I still have to this day – of a lined book with pens and paper, with my name on the front.

Someone was trying to tell me something.

I took a bit of notice. I started a blog, I joined some forums, I wrote things for my church.

But still, I didn’t take the whole professional thing seriously.

All of my mind was still set on being a pastor. My eyes weren’t open.

Joining my current church 7 years ago I was given the jolt I needed. I was compelled to face the reality I always knew.

That being a paid pastor wasn’t me.

I eventually realised, I had never actually wanted to be a pastor, nor been called to it. I had made the old mistake of thinking the only way to create, write and speak as a Christian was to become a pastor.

But it isn’t.

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Once my eyes were open to this lie, I began to take my blog more seriously. I spent more time reading and writing.

My overriding passion is to creatively point people towards Jesus. To help set people free to discover their true identity and calling, free from religious rules and boundaries. To help people navigate what can be a messy and difficult journey through life and find both God and themselves within that journey.

But at the time of my YWAM course – I had the same calling, the same inbuilt desire to point people toward Jesus . It was simply expressed differently, it was a different season. It wasn’t through blogging or even writing – but it has led me to the blogging, which has, in fact, led to creativity in other areas.

At the moment I serve through my blog – but there are opportunities for me to move into other creative areas in the coming months, and long-term I can see other creative possibilities too. My calling is evolving.

What that eventually will be, what my calling may one day look like, I have no idea. But I am learning to trust that God does. (Tweet this here)

I am learning to trust He will continue to lead me as He has done so far – with everything I have been through, the evolution which shaped me into who and what I am now.

For us all, our calling is an evolutionary journey. We must take action on what we know God is calling us to now, and trust that He has our future in His hands. (Tweet this here)

Above all, we need to have our eyes open to whatever that may be, and wherever God may be leading us.

Because you never know what might be round the corner.

Or just in front of your eyes.


What are the things that make you feel most alive?

What are your passions, gifts and convictions?

Where are you in your journey, and what can you do right now, to make that next step?

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