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I read a post recently, from last year, called ‘A Letter To Donald Miller’.

It presented some very well reasoned arguments about Donald Miller, a NYT-Bestselling author who had spoken about uncertainty, doubt, and mystery. And how he was now selling products and posting blog posts which, in contrast, were about guaranteed results, promises, and certainty.

Now I’m a big fan of Donald Miller. The one thing I treasure above all things in writing is authenticity, and whenever I read Don’s words, whether it’s in books or blog posts, they are always honest. He’s always vulnerable and shares his story honestly. I’ve learned so much from his writing.

To be honest, I’ve not figured out whether I agree with the poster about Don, or not. That needs further reflection, and it’s not the main point here.

The real message to me from this letter, was this: Whether intentionally or not, Don had given the impression that he had abandoned mystery, questioning and doubt, and moved to certainty. Moved from accepting we don’t have all the answers, to selling courses which promise all the answers.

And for me, those guaranteed, fix-all solutions these type of courses sell us? They simply don’t exist.

In the next couple of years I hope to launch some e-courses, and coaching. And for some, I’ll have to charge money. So I’ll need to market and promote these courses.

But one thing I never wish to do, is to sell these courses as guaranteed, fix-all solutions. Or as the ‘best’ or ‘only’ way to find meaning and purpose.

I’d rather promote e-courses and coaching as ‘”a” way to discover your identity and explore your calling’ – not “the” way. And I don’t intend on making false promises about what this “will” do, rather what it “can” do. It’s a subtle but important difference.

My method won’t be the only way, the right way, the foolproof way, and it won’t work for all people in exactly the same way. It will merely be what I’ve learned and experienced as a really powerful method to help people ground and discover their identity and calling.

Other people will have different methods. I’ll have mine.

I can’t make promises about how any of my work will impact anyone’s life.

None of us can.

That’s incredibly arrogant and irresponsible. All any of us can do is share our experiences, what we’ve learned on our own journey.

Your Story Matters

All our creative work – including all these courses or programs which make these false promises – is simply a summary of some of our knowledge and experiences, and lessons we’ve drawn from those.

It’s not the final word. On anything.

We don’t get that – even with our faith. And the last word hasn’t been spoken (not even in the Bible).

All creative work is a reflection of who we are and what we’ve learned at that point in our lives. No more, no less (you can tweet that).

I’ll say here and now, if you see any of my work which lacks authenticity, which is dishonest, which is all about false promises and guarantees, you can contact me direct – – and tell me.

You have my permission. For real.

Because no matter how much I grow and change, I always want to remain authentic, to stay honest, to be vulnerable. And I never want to fall into the trap of thinking I have all the foolproof answers. Becausedon't be ahamed of your story 2 lance wallnucom I don’t.

I only have my experiences and knowledge. My story to share.

Ultimately, that’s all any of us has.

And I can tell you right now – whatever you think, your story matters.

Yes, even yours. Yes, even that thing you think doesn’t matter.

Your story is priceless, unique, and deserves to be shared. We can all benefit from you sharing your story.

Don’t ever be ashamed to share your story.

In truth, none of us has the copyright on the final word. On any subject. (And that includes me on this subject.)

There’s still so much more for all of us to learn and experience. More stories to be shared. More lessons to be learned. And that should excite us, because it means there’s way more to come for us, and maybe way more that we can be, than we could ever imagine.

Are you with me?

Question for Reflection: 
How can you share your story in a way which can encourage others?
Let me know in the comments below!

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