Many of us believe in a supernatural realm. Whether it’s a mystical god, to ghosts or goblins, to vague unseen spiritual forces or whether it’s the god of a religion we happen to follow, many of us have a sense of something beyond.

Something we cannot see. But we have a sense is there.

Now, as a Christian, I don’t believe in ghosts at all.

But myself and many others believe not just that there might be a supernatural realm, but that there is a very real one. One where spirits from different sides are at work.

There are terms like ‘spiritual warfare’ banded about in church.

In the context of the Christian faith we talk about a presence in this unseen spiritual realm who is a person, called the Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit is someone we do not physically see, but who we merely see by the impact He has on ourselves, others and the world around us.

When we talk about people being touched by the Holy Spirit (he says in very good Christianese) then we mean they have been interacting with someone unseen – but very real.

Indeed, God Himself is someone no one has seen.

Lots of people talk about Him and being in His presence, but no one anywhere has ever physically met Him.

He is unseen.

The only direct physical representation we have of God is through Jesus – and if we believe in the trinity, we know that Jesus is simply one dimension of a three.

Which means that we interact with a very real but also a completely unseen God.

Nobody else who believes in God or who has experienced these encounters for themselves would ever doubts these interactions are real. Not a chance.

When people pray, when people hear from God, when we see the work of God clear in people’s lives – whether it’s over a period of time or in a short instant – we don’t really doubt it’s real if we are believers.

It’s implications are real for those involved in these interactions. Indeed, when there is a moment of shared interaction with the divine, this brings people together in ways that other things cannot.

This unseen realm brings people together. It creates community.

It is this unseen presence which has, in essence, created the church and brought us all together. Indeed is through this unseen God that creation itself was brought into being. He created a space for people to explore, interact, engage, discover and create.

Just writing about it fills me with wonder.

This unseen is a catalyst for creativity, community and discovery.

This is the seen world that an unseen God creates and engages with. Indeed, this unseen God interacts with us in this unseen space

and we say – and know – it is real.

But the divine space is no longer the only unseen realm. There is a realm which was created by man which echoes and reflects this. A realm which it could be said is in many ways a mirror image of this realm, and allows for the same possibilities.

I’m talking of course, about the digital realm. The realm of the internet and social media.

Think about it.

It’s an unseen realm.

It creates community.

It allows fresh space for people to create.

It is a space where people can learn, explore, interact and engage.

It is a place where we have real interactions with real people, and build real relationships which have real meaning. It’s a space we interact with those we cannot see in a way which impacts and changes us.

Could it be that in fact the digital realm has more in common with the supernatural than we may have realised?

Might we have created a realm which might actually teach us more about the unseen nature of God?

Can our understanding of the unseen supernatural realm which the divine inhabits help us understand better the reality and potential of the digital realm?

We must examine and understand more of the unseen to understand better more of both the divine – and the digital.


Do you think there are similarities between the divine and the digital?

Do you agree a greater understanding of one can help us better understand the other?


Hi, I’m James and I’m a writer. I’m passionate about digital media, creativity & our divine journey. You can find me on Twitter and Facebook. To get regular updates on my blog & receive exclusive content subscribe to my newsletter.



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