God said something to me today, and it really stuck with me. I was being prayed for, and I really felt Him say simply this

“I like you”

Have you ever felt like you know God loves you, you might even believe he loves you completely and unconditionally, and have accepted it. But there is something nagging at you, that He loves everyone, and He only loves you because He loves everyone so he kind of ‘has to’.

Almost like you feel God is stuck with you. He is love, He loves us all, so of course He loves you. Now the reality is that God chooses to love us as well – but because we have grown up with the idea that God loves us, because it’s so ingrained in our thinking – even culturally, a lot of people think that God, if there is one, loves all of us. But it’s can easily become something that we just accept, God loves everyone, but He only loves everyone because He has to. If it wasn’t who He was to love us, He’d never choose us.

Maybe what you really want to hear, is that He likes you. Not just loves you, but likes you. That He chooses you. That if He didn’t ‘have’ to love you because of His nature He’d still choose to hang out with you and have relationship with you.

It’s strange, because ‘liking’ appears to be a lot less than loving, and in most cases it is. But with God liking almost feels like more.

It’s more intimate.

It’s more personal.

It’s more of a choice.

Its something a close friend would say – not just anyone.

For example, if Jesus was in town, and He needed somewhere to stay, He’d choose to come to your house, purely and simply because He likes you. He actually likes spending time with you, just as you are. Not with all the faces and masks you put on, but you at your most honest and vulnerable. Jesus likes to spend time with you, to have fun with you, to invest Himself in you.

However there’s a couple of things that need clarifying in saying this.

Firstly, I’m not advocating the ‘buddy God’ idea. I don’t think that helps to be honest. I get what people mean by it, but I think it can demean God and lower our view of just who God is, and we lose our fear of the Lord.

We should always be aware of just who God is, what He can do, how powerful He is, what He’s capable of and how much we need Him, we should always be lost in wonder and awe and we should never forget that without Him we’d be lost.

Second, I don’t want us to get confused here when it comes to sin. Just because God loves us and likes us doesn’t mean He likes what we do. We all make mistakes, we all let Him down, we all make bad decisions and we have all played our part in the disconnection between us and God.

But God knows us. He knows everything about us. He knows everything we have done, thought or said, and everything that we will do, think and say in future, including the things which we regret. He knows us better than we do ourselves. But yet still, He loves us, and I think He actually likes us

To me, these two things only makes the idea that He actually likes us even more astounding I think. God knows us inside out, all the things we hide away, and He still loves us, and He actually still likes us.

God is bigger, more awesome and more powerful than anything we can possibly imagine. So if we truly fear God – which we should – then to know that He doesn’t just love us but He actually likes us will make us love Him and desire Him even more.

I actually think the idea He likes us is even more difficult to accept than the idea that He loves us – and that is hard enough. But the idea that God wants to hang out with us, spend time with us, be there fore us through our good and bad times and stick with us even when we let Him down, that He enjoys being in our company, well that just blows me away, it makes me feel even more in awe of God and more desperate to spend time with Him.

God is our father, our heavenly Father, and He wants to Father us. But He also wants to be our friend, He wants us to be able to talk to Him honestly and openly, and be vulnerable with Him. He wants to share in our joys and pains, and doesn’t want us to be alone in those, He wants to be part of them, at the centre of them, with us through all of them.

I want to encourage you, go and spend some quality time with God, and do it in the knowledge that not only does He love you immeasurably, but He also likes you – all despite the fact that He knows us better than we know ourselves, including our mistakes and failures.

Do you believe God loves you but don’t think He really likes you?

Do you know that God knows you better than you know yourself, but yet still both loves and likes you?

Did you know that God wants to be both your Father and your friend?

When was the last time you spend some quality time with God?

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