Hi everyone. Today on the blog, it’s a return to “Five Minute Friday”. I’ve written several ‘Five Minute Friday’ posts before, and today’s theme caught my eye, so here’s another. (you can find all my Five Minute Friday posts in the ‘related posts’ at the bottom).

The concept is simple, and in my opinion, genius: Write for 5 minutes, straight from the heart, on that weeks theme  (given by Lisa-Jo) – and then share it.

No edits, no marinading or reflecting – just write and share.

As I’ve always said, if you’re a writer or blogger, it’s well worth doing occasionally – it really challenges and helps you grow as a writer. It’s most definitely helped me and I look forward to it every week.

Today is a theme many of us will resonate with, “Lonely”. I hope you like the post, and please do let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Here goes:


We all feel lonely. I am not alone I’m sure in having experienced loneliness.

But that doesn’t mean we are alone right? Because as we all know, even if we can’t feel God, He is still there. He is still with us and for us, even if we feel lonely. That’s what all the wise Christian counsel will usually say.

We are never alone.

So it’s all okay then….right?

Except its not. We all know it, deep down. When I’ve been sitting on my sofa, having a period of loneliness, I knew God was there. I knew He loved me. He knew how I felt.

But it didn’t stop this gut-wrenching, soul destroying inner turmoil which engulfed my whole being. It didn’t stop me feeling like my I was being torn apart from the inside out.

I wasn’t thinking logically. It’s not okay. The platitude “God is with me I just can’t feel Him” cuts little mustard. Right then I wanted a hug, a person to talk to, someone to tell me it was going to be okay. We all do when we are lonely.

But recently, I began to ponder the startling possibility that God actually allows us to feel lonely even if we know we aren’t alone. Letting us feel lonely even though, paradoxically, we are never, ever alone.  Letting us feel lonely for a short time, even though He is always with us.

You see, feeling lonely doesn’t mean we’re alone. Because we’re never alone. God is always with us.

But these moments when we feel He’s absent, can be moments where we learn to trust Him more. Without necessarily having the feeling of Him being there. Because if our faith is dependent on feeling God’s presence, it’s hardly faith at all is it?

So in the moments we feel God is absent, like the moments we feel lonely, we really have to trust we aren’t alone.

We have to have faith in what we claim to believe. Without a feeling. And it can allow us to grow.

The fact I reacted badly in the past, was maybe a sign I needed to trust God more. And the fact I’m beginning to find lonliness easier (though still a struggle), is maybe a sign I trust Him more than I did.

So when you next feel lonely, see how you feel.

Do you still completely trust God is with you?

Do you still trust you are loved?

Or are you upset and afraid?

As it can be how we feel when we’re lonely, which tells us how much we really trust God.



Do you agree or disagree with me? Why/why not?



What goes through your mind when you’re lonely?



Do you trust God less – or more – than you think?
Let me know in the comments below!






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