Those who have read my blog recently will know I’ve been writing a lot on the theme of faith in the digital realm. I’ve written on how I believe the digital realm and interactions we have there are real, true & meaningful and how the digital realm can help us understand truths about ourselves better, and therefore help us deal with those issues. I’ve also written on how important it is to find a balance between digital and physical interaction. Of course many of you will be followers of mine on Twitter (@JamesPrescott77) and know I love social networking, and discussions on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks – indeed you may have been involved in some of those discussions!

I also love to write, and many of you know that I guest blog from time to time. But now these two parts of my life have come together in more clear way. 

28th November 2011 saw the publication of the first of a regular, bi-monthly, guest-blog post on the Big Bible site, as a digi-disciple – entitled ‘Klout Idol’ – you can find the link to the post here , and the home page of the digi disciple blog can be found here.

I will be writing regular guest blog posts on issues around the digital realm and discipleship, how we navigate the digital realm as Christians, and how it can be used for good and evil, and all sorts of issues that surround it.

It’s an exciting development and opportunity to share more of the things I’m passionate about, and the gifts that God has given me, with a wider audience. I have lots of ideas for posts already and am looking forward to participating in this project.

As for this site – well I’ve been really blessed with a lot more readers this year, and God is really developing my writing and creative side. I have lots of ideas for blogs and blog series over the coming year that I’m excited to share with you all – including hopefully, for the first time, some guest posts by other writers, which will be amazing.

It’s so encouraging to see some of the discussion that people are engaging with here and the community that is slowly but surely growing around the blog, I love to see people engaging with discussions on issues that matter – whether we agree or disagree I think those discussions can be so beneficial to our own growth and to the bigger discussions going on, both in the digital realm and in face-to-face meetings and conferences, on issues that I believe matter to God.

So, thanks for all your support this year so far, it’s been so encouraging. Keep reading, and please do go to check out my first digi-disciple post. I won’t give anything away, other than the title: ‘Klout-idol’.

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