imagesToday I’m doing a little experiment. I’m taking part in a little event called ‘5 Minute Friday’. Each week a bunch of bloggers are challenged to write for just 5 minutes on a subject, and then post it. As it is. With no time to edit or correct at all. It’s all linked up to Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog where you can find more info. So today, I’m taking my first tentative step on this journey – on the theme of Rest. Let me know what you think!

On the weekend of my birthday this year, I felt I needed a rest. I’d just launched a book and done a lot of writing and promotional work, and was absolutely exhausted. I wanted to take some time off writing and social media, and just chill out and recharge. But nevertheless, I felt guilty about it.

Like somehow the world would end if I didn’t rest.

Now I like rest. No doubt about it. Rest can be awesome, relaxing and a lot of fun. But in a busy world, where a common phrase is “I’m just too busy”, it’s easy to feel guilty about rest. I did then, and we all do at times.

Why? Well, because we feel like if we’re not working….


1) We’re being lazy – there is balance, too much rest, or rest as excuse, is laziness. But intentional, deliberate rest is not a bad thing, it’s a necessary thing.


2) We’re falling behind everyone else – an ultra competitive instinct within each of us calls out to us and tells us if we don’t work we’ll fall behind. But this is a lie, because they need rest just like we do


3) We feel we’re letting others down – whether its our colleagues, or God, or friends, we feel like we are letting others down. But if we don’t have energy of our own, we can’t support them well in the way we choose.


4) We might miss an opportunity – We’re only human. We can’t do everything. And if it’s worthwhile, then there will probably time to get on board. Missing one day probably won’t be a disaster.


We should never feel guilty about rest. As long as we’re actually resting – and not using rest as an excuse to be lazy and slob about the house – then rest is important, it’s productive and rewarding.

We were created to need rest, there is a reason we get tired, because once in a while its good to rest.

One of the reasons principal reasons God created us to need rest is simply so we remember the world can go on without us. To show us again it’s Him who created and sustains the world, not us.

And this is a good thing.

Rest means different things for us all. For me, rest means turning off my phone and leaving my computer. Not writing, not engaging, just resting my mind and body.

It will be something different for you. You’ll know what it is. The activity which recharges you, gives you energy, revitalises you. It could be just sitting on the sofa in front of the TV, or it could be going for a run. It’s different for us all.

And it’s okay.

Remember, Jesus slept. He withdrew to quiet places, He rested at the well because He was tired. Even the Son of God needed a all rest.

So go on, take a rest today.

And don’t feel guilty.


Do you make time for rest?

Do feel guilty about rest?

How can you make more time for healthy rest?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!





This post is part of ‘5 Minute Friday’ – today, on the theme of “Rest’.

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