imagesFor over two months I’ve participated in Lisa-Jo Baker’s “Five-Minute Friday” (you can find all my Five Minute Friday posts in the ‘related posts’ at the bottom). The concept is simple, and brilliant:

Write for 5 minutes, straight from the heart, on that weeks theme  (given by Lisa-Jo) – and then share it.

No edits, no marinading or reflecting – just write and share.

As I’ve always said, if you’re a writer or blogger, it’s well worth doing – it really challenges and helps you grow as a writer. It’s most definitely helped me and I look forward to it every single week

Today’s theme is ‘Imagine’. I hope you like the post, and please do let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Here goes:


Imagination takes into worlds hitherto unknown and unspoken. It calls things into existence which had no life previously.

We all like to dream. To imagine new ideas, new possibilities, new creations. Imagination is vital in every area of life, even those where imagination doesn’t appear to naturally fit.

Without imagination, we don’t progress. We don’t make medical advances. We don’t make new discoveries. Imagination takes us forward to places we’ve never been before.

But there’s one danger. If we aren’t careful we can live in our imagination – and not grow.I have often dreamed of losing weight and publishing a book. I have made plans and strategies about how I can do this.

And when I finish them, I feel a buzz. An excitement, at the possibility of what might be, of what I could achieve.

But often, that’s where I’ve stayed. I’ve sat in the comfort and excitement of the idea, and not moved forward.

You see, imagination without action is pointless.

If we are to make our dreams, our great ideas, our visions of the future, into a reality, then we must take action. We have to follow through on our plans.

I realised recently how often I’ve been addicted to the buzz of the dream. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. We make plans, we come up with great ideas

and don’t follow through.

Life gets in the way. Or for whatever reason, we fail to act.

But sometimes, we don’t follow through because it’s easier to dream than to act.

Recently I made a plan to lose weight, and part of this was to go running three times a week. I came up with a plan, a route and it was all set. But I didn’t follow through to begin with.

Then yesterday, I did. I took action. I went for a run.

It didn’t feel good. When I got home, I was aching, tired, sweaty and out of breath. But in inside, I felt a sense of triumph – because for once, I had followed through. I had taken action.

And now I have to keep on taking action. Like I did when I published my book (which you can now get free below). Instead of dreaming about a book, I wrote one and published it on my blog. And the joy I felt when the book was completed and went live was miles better than the quick rush of the idea.

So don’t live just in your imagination. If you want to live a meaningful life, and become who you were made to be, ally your imagination to action.

That’s how we change the world.







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