Have you ever wanted to be part of a blog? Have you ever read interviews with authors or speakers and wished you could have asked one yourself but never had the chance? Well this could all change right now.

I’m passionate about community and about building this into a great blog community – and as part of that I want you all to be involved, interacting, participating and engaging. You can do this through subscribing and commenting – but here’s another exciting way for you to be involved!

As many of you will know, I guest post for other blogs from time to time. Twice this year I have guest posted for the author Jeff Goins (@JeffGoins). He’s a writer  from the US, who runs a hugely successful blog on writing and the creative process which for I wrote this on engaging our creative side, earlier in the year.

He’s recently published his first book, ‘Wrecked – When a Broken World Slams into your Comfortable Life’ – about how our pain and brokeness can be the catalyst for huge change both in our lives and in the world at large. I wrote an post on my experiences of being Wrecked which was published on the site and you can read here.

I’ve been reading this recently and it is phenomenal. Jeff is an incredible writer and his story is compelling and powerful, I can assure you the book will leave you very different from how it found you. ‘Wrecked’ is uncomfortable reading – but will transform your life for the better. (tweet that here)

It’s a book that’s been recommended by the likes of Michael Hyatt and Seth Godin – and Don Miller has been tweeting
about it too.

There’s a reason.

Jeff’s writing, both in his book and on his blog, has been a huge influence on me and I’ve been lucky enough to be able to chat to him on several occasions and get to know him a bit via the digital realm. He’s a top guy who has a real heart to serve and bless others, and help them become the people they were made to be. I was also fortunate to have the opportunity to interview him for this site earlier this year – which you can find in two parts here and here.

When Jeff’s book came out I thought it might be time to catch up with him again and interview him, to see how he’s doing and find out more about his current book and upcoming projects he’s involved in. The plan is to record this (provided the recording works!) and then post it on the blog for you all to hear and possibly even download if things work out – and you can be part of this.

If you are a young writer just breaking through and want some advice on a career in writing, or you’ve read the book and have questions, or just have any questions you’d like me to ask Jeff I’d love to hear them, and I will ask Jeff the best ones. Just Tweet me or contact me via Facebook – using the links in the top right – or you can contact me via e-mail at jamespressgang@hotmail.com and send your question.

I can’t guarantee I will use it, but I will look at every one and will try to respond to all of them if I can.

If I do use it you’ll get a mention in the interview for sure! This is your chance to be part of the blog and I’d love you to be involved, so please do get in touch – but please do it by 5pm UK time this Thursday 20th September – I’m interviewing Jeff only a couple of hours later so need time to prepare.

The interview will likely go live over the weekend or early next week.

Come and be part of it!


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