Last week I posted arguably the most brutally honest post I’ve ever published. I laid bare my heart for this blog, for my writing and for God. I exposed parts of myself I’d never been open about more  – maybe not even with myself.

It was only after I had published the post, and seen the incredible response to it, that I began to realise it’s implications.

There was no going back. I had put something out into the world I could not take back.

The concepts, passions, desires that I shared were challenging. Uncompromising. Fully engaging them, following through on what was on my heart was going to be a challenge.

But things were not going to be the same. They simply couldn’t be. 

I couldn’t share something like that then stay the same. Neither could my writing. I’m still examining and reflecting myself on what the long-term implications might be.

But one thing is for sure. There’s no going back.

I have no choice now but to go forward. In a sense, I’ve blindly stepped out into the unknown and only just realised it – and now it’s too late to go back.

I am a writer. I always will be.

But what lies ahead may be different to what’s come before. There’s so many ideas I have to share with you that I’ve been afraid to before now, but that is going to change. There have been project ideas I’ve had which I’ve not fully embraced before – e-books, podcasts – but now I have no option but to pursue them.

Because I jumped. Took a risk. Stepped out. Now I’ve jumped, my life cannot and will not be the same.

Jumping is the only way we grow. It throws us out of our comfort zones into a new adventure. It’s like walking a tightrope without being able to see the safety net (even if there is one).

Sometimes we are so afraid to do this by ourselves that we need a little push – from God, or from those around us.

When I first posted that post I figured it was just about sharing something brave, something I’d been afraid to share. I didn’t even think about the implications, I just went for it. Indeed, if I’d known the implications of it, I may not even have posted it.

But post it I did. I stepped out. I jumped.

If we are to ever become the people we are meant to be, we have no choice but to jump. God wants us to jump. To delve into the unknown, the mysterious, both in our lives and in what we know of Him. To discover the divine in His true mysterious and awesome greatness, to have meaningful relationships with others and to have a life of purpose, we simply have to leap.

Sometimes we need a little nudge, sometimes it’s better we do it without realising we are doing it – like I did.

However we do it, it’s something we must do. If we do not, then we may still have a long life. We may find some kind of happiness.

But we will not discover joy, purpose, or meaning.

We will not go on adventure, we will not find true intimacy with one another or with our maker.

A challenge

We can stay in our comfort zone and stay still. Or we can risk, jump, step out, and discover a life and a purpose which we may never have done otherwise. We can go on the adventure of our lives.

So go for it. Do what I did. Take a risk. Jump.

Do it today. Even if it’s just a small thing, it’s still a step forward. A step into the unknown.

Jump today, then take another risk and share what you’ve done in the comments below.

You will not regret it.


How have you jumped recently?

Have you avoided taking steps of faith? Why?

What would it mean for you to take a risk?

What can you do today to step out and risk?


James Prescott is a writer & creative exploring digital media & divine journey of life. He blogs regularly at James & is a regular guest blogger and other sites. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.



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