13529151_1049699575107526_3511884214184152055_nThe world as it is now, is one where fear, division, hatred and violence seems to be winning.

America is divided over gun control, immigration and refugees. And here in the UK, the EU referendum and it’s result has not only divided a nation, but exposed a hidden cancer of racism and prejudice in parts of our nation.

Much of the West in living in a culture of fear, scarcity, lack, division and hatred.

It can’t go on this way. It’s not meant to be this way.

And there is a different way.

The path of love.

My friend Jules Middleton and others have felt called to become part of a new initiative, a new movement. A movement to built a culture of grace, reconciliation, forgiveness, inclusion. A culture without fear. A culture of love.

We’re calling it ‘Movement Of Love’, and the goals are very simple:

To spread a message of love across our nation – and the world.

And to build a community of people who want to see an attitude of love prevail across our nation.

You see, many of us feel powerless against the culture of hate and fear we are part of. And it’s easy to feel that way.

But the reality is, we do have power to choose the type of world we create. The power to shape our culture. We have the choice to live with a different attitude. The choice not to partner with hate, darkness or ill-feeling, but be part of the healing of our divisions, and make a better society and a better world.

Jesus said the great commandment was to “love one another“. And one of the most used phrases in scripture, is ‘do not be afraid’.

The way of Jesus tells us we must choose to love, not hate. To be inclusive and united, not prejudice and divided. To choose to love even the people who live by fear, the people we despise, the people we disagree with.

We can choose a different way to fear. The way of love. (you can tweet that)

To confront people with the radical idea that fear doesn’t have to win. That it’s not inevitable. That we can all choose a different path.

To be a movement of love in our part of the world. To make our parts of the world more loving. More gracious. More inclusive. More forgiving.

What Can I Do?

imgres-1All we can do, ultimately, is do what we can do. Where we are. It our words, our actions, our decisions. In our politics. In our social media posts. With our children. Stand up for love wherever we are. Choose to love when it’s tough.

We need to be united. In community. Together. Because it’s healing of what divides us is what this is all about.

Of course, we won’t get it perfect all the time. But we can do our best. And that’s enough. Because if we each do our best to create a culture, a movement of love….then slowly but surely, things can and will change.

So how can you be part of this? Here’s three simple suggestions: 

  1. Take the pledge: Simply agree to try and be a person of love. Sign up to the Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and join the community.
  2. Put it into practice: The community will be sharing ideas of things you can do to be a loving presence, and share ideas about how we can impact our community on a smaller or larger scale. Keep an eye out for those, and come up with your own.
  3.   Get others involved: Use your networks, perhaps your school, workplace, church or organisation, social networks, to share a message of love.

We can do this. Every one of us. Together.

We can change things. So join the movement of love today.


Question For Reflection: 

What can you do to build a culture of love today?

Let me know in the comments below.


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(Picture Sources: Jules Middleton / JamesPrescott.co.uk)

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