Unknown-2For the last month  now I’ve participated in Lisa-Jo Baker’s “Five-Minute Friday”. The concept is simply writing for 5 minutes, straight from the heart, on a given subject – and then sharing it.

No edits, no marinading or reflecting – just write and share.

If you’re a writer or blogger of any kind, I’d recommend it – it really pushes you and helps you grow as a writer.

And today I’m doing it again.

So here’s today’s “5 Minute Friday” – the theme is “Here”.

Here. A place I have never been before and never will be again. We live and work in very familiar surroundings. I will go home again. I will sit at my desk again. And physically these are the same.

But this moment in time will never exist again. I will never be precisely as I am 

right here

right now.

Every second our body is changing, even in a physical sense. We get a new set of skin every 30 days. But the changes which really impact are, of course, the ones beyond the surface.

The real transformation takes place in our hearts. In our experiences. Deep in the very depths.

And it is what goes on inside which impacts the external here. Our mood, our look, our visible health are often impacted by what goes in inside.

But what was here. And is now past.

And so often we live too much in the past. Or the future. We let the past dwell in our hearts in a way which is beyond healthy, and we let daydreams about the future become fantasies.

So we forget about the here. The now.

And if we stopped for one moment. Forget the past. Not think about the future.

We might appreciate the true beauty of a unique moment. We may have our eyes opened to the wonder of the world around us.

And we will marvel at the the truth that this moments’ ‘here’ will never exist again.






This post is part of ’5 Minute Friday’ – today, on the theme “Here”.

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