As many of you know this is not the only place where you will find my writing. I also guest post for various sites on a fairly regular basis.

This week, however, there’s not just one but two guest posts written by myself which have gone live.

The first of these is on a site called ‘Goins, Writer’ and it’s run by Jeff Goins – who some of you may remember I interviewed a couple of months ago. It’s a site about writing, creativity and how to become more effective and mature in those areas of our live. It has been a big inspiration to me in my own writing and creativity, and for anyone with a creative spirit I would heartedly recommend it.

My post this week is about the creative impulse – how we engage with it, how we can nurture it. I argue that we’re all creative in our own way, and that it’s vitally important in discovering our identity to explore our creative side.

You can find that post here.

The other post, published Friday, is on a site called BIGBible. I post every couple of months for this site on the digital realm and our interaction with it. I have written several guest posts there now – ‘Klout Idol?’, Digital Exposure and Creativity: the divine spark

In my new post I’ve written a parable about the reality of the digital realm, called ‘The Parable of the Man in Need’. I won’t explain any more, I will let it speak for itself, but I would encourage you all to read it. It’s relatively short, but to the point.

You can find that post here.

There will be more guest posts from me on these and other sites in future months. I also hope to have some more exciting news of new creative developments over the coming months as well – and will let you know as those develop.

Thanks again for your continued readership and support. There seems to be a small community slowly growing here and that’s incredible to me – I hope it keeps on growing over the coming months and years.



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