g9LE0rOK_400x400Writing is one of my biggest passions. It’s my calling you might say. I coach writers and I run a Facebook group for writers called ‘Writers Together’ (you can join that group here). I know that many of you reading this are writers too.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ll know one of the biggest barriers to growing as a writer is, in fact, the very act of getting started. The challenge of overcoming resistance to get going on your writing journey is one of the most significant challenges writers face. 

But your words can’t change the world, if they aren’t in it.

One person well qualified to help us deal with this issue is my dear friend, author and writing coach Christine Niles.

Today on my podcast ‘James Talks’ I’m interviewing Christine, an experienced writer, blogger, author and coach from Fort Wayne, Indiana. And she has an exclusive offer for all ‘James Talks’ listeners!

Christine is passionate about helping writers hone their craft, find their voice and get started on their writers journey.

On the podcast today Christine and I discuss writing and the creative process, and cover the following:

  • Christine’s writing journey and how she discovered her voice

  • The two key processes Christine uses to combat writers block

  • Advice on how find the courage to get started on your writers journey

  • Plus, a lot more!!

3 Weeks Writing Prompts Free – An Exclusive Offer

There’s also a very special offer available exclusively for ‘James Talks’ listeners as well. Christine has written two great e-books called ‘Time To Write’ & ‘Start To Write’, two step by step guides for growing writers, and is also about to launch a great e-course for writers.

If you listen to the podcast (at the link below or on iTunes) and check the show-notes, you’ll find access to get 3 weeks of writers prompts and tips totally free – an exclusive offer only for ‘James 41mzJFKoRDL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_Talks’ listeners.

Christine is one of the friendliest, funniest, wisest people I know, with some great guidance for writers and creative people, and I’m sure I’ll be doing more work with her.

So go check out my latest podcast episode with Christine here or at the link below – and get going on your writing journey!

James Talks – Episode 25 | Start To Write With Christine Niles


For more resources for writers, check out my free writers community ‘Writers Together’, where you can meet other writers, share your work and get access to great free resources, plus a free e-book ‘Unlocking Creativity’. You can join free here.

You can also download my free e-book ‘Dance Of The Writer: A Beginners Guide To Authentic Writing’ here.

So take that courageous step and start writing today!

Are you with me?


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(Picture Sources: RiverOfThoughts.com / Christine Niles)

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