I’m off to Greenbelt tomorrow, for the first time. If you don’t know, Greenbelt is essentially a Christian arts festival held at Cheltenham race course over the August Bank Holiday in the UK. Greenbelt’s slogan is “Where arts, faith & justice collide” and the theme this year is ‘Dreams of Home’, which is sure to be interesting. At Greenbelt there is a strong focus on issues of social justice, creativity, art, social media, theology and as such there are seminars and discussions on varying themes relating to this.

This year there is an amazing line up, with speakers such as Rob Bell, Shane Claiborne, Peter Rollins and Brian McClaren. My former life coach, worship leader/blogger/writer Vicky Beeching, is going to be there too.

But it’s not just speakers from the Christian world that they have on the agenda, there’s also an appearance this year by the likes of Billy Bragg. Greenbelt are well known for always pushing the boudnaries, which is something I love – there is a freedom of expression in faith, an openess to finding God wherever you look for Him.

In conjunction with the speakers they have several music acts/bands, such as Kate Rusby playing, show films and also have space to reflect, pray and receive spiritual direction. They also have a pub on site called the ‘Jesus Arms’, which will be worth a visit I’m sure.

It’s going to be a great experience for me and the first time I’ve been away this year. I’ve been praying and reflecting a lot on what’s to come and asking God to really speak to me and challenge me, and to be honest I just can’t wait to get there. If you are going, I hope you have an amazing weekend, if not, I’d definitely recommend it to you.

If you are going however it would be great to connect, so let me know via my Twitter or Facebook, or just with a reply below, with contact details, and it would be great to get together & connect.

In the meantime, here’s a message from a brother in Christ who’s also going to be there:

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