image-03-10-15-16-15Hey friends, welcome back to the blog. I hope you’ve been enjoying my new podcast, James Talks. The first episode, ‘You Are Not Alone’, went out on Monday and I’ve been so encouraged by the response so far – thank you. 

And today, as a special bonus, there’s another new episode – ‘The First Word’, which is live right now!

Today I talk about what I believe the most important word, the word where our lives should all begin – and end.


I talk about how grace is more than just feeling happy, and celebrating how great God is.

I elaborate on the good and the difficult sides of grace.

Finally, I explain how beginning with grace is fundamental to our transformation, growth & discovering our true identity & calling.

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I’ll be back blogging ‘proper’ next Monday, and there’ll be another new edition of James Talks next Wednesday.

Take care friends,



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