James Talks Logo - FinalWelcome back to the blog. I’ve been away a while, but now I’ve returned – and I’ve some great new work & new opportunities to share with you.

I’ve always thought creativity is like life, and that’s because we’re all designed to create. Not just artists, but all of us. And not just in our work, but our lives too.

We’re designed to create a life.

And as life moves in seasons, so does our creative work. It moves organically, naturally into different stages, where it becomes natural to move to new challenges, projects and mediums.

For me, this means that today I’m launching a podcast. It’s called, very simply ‘James Talks’.

James Talks will be a weekly podcast where I’ll talk about spirituality, creativity, and identity. About what it means to discover our true identity & live the kind of life we were made for. And about the creative process, both in our work and our lives.

The first episode, ‘You Are Not Alone’ is out right now, and to celebrate the launch I’m releasing two episodes this week – a second episode will go live on Wednesday. Subsequent to this, James Talks will go out once a week on Wednesdays.

You can listen and subscribe to it on iTunes, or follow it on Podbean

I’ll also be posting links to all the episodes & how to subscribe to James Talks on this page.

Sometimes it’ll be just me talking, but I’ve also got some great guests lined up, all different types of people with great stories and wisdom to impart to us, and I’m so excited to have this new space to share that with you.

CQAb8M-WEAApWkjI’ve been wanting to begin a podcast for a long time, but didn’t simply want to do a spoken blog post, or podcast for the sake of it.…and then earlier this year it all came together. I saw how I’d been growing and learning and discovering new things about spirituality & creativity, material I’d not shared before, which I could share in a podcast.

I began to see how best to use the podcast medium in a way which was, well, ‘me’.

It’s been scary, it’s all new, and it’s been challenging pushing through all my lack of experience of this medium to create this podcast, and I’ve had to learn as I go. But I’ve found that by stepping out, by the doing of it, I’ve become more confident not only in my ability to do this, but confident this something I’m called to do.

It won’t be slick, it’s not all perfect, it’s raw, honest and uncut, but it’s me, talking honestly about the things I care about.

Just to clarify, launching a podcast doesn’t mean I’ll stop blogging.

I still love to write, and share my writing with you. I’m currently putting the finishing touches to an e-book & there will be others to come. Next year my first print book will be published. I’ll be guest posting for a couple of people soon. The idea of the podcast is to compliment the work I’m already doing, rather than replace it. So don’t worry, the blogs and books will still be coming regularly.

I’m so excited about this podcast, it’s something I’ve wanted to for a while & it’s a whole new medium – I’ve been enjoying the creative process behind making these & with what’s lined up I’m so excited to share it with you all. It’s going to be fun!

So today, I want to invite you to come along on the journey, by listening & subscribing to the new podcast. And remember, you can find it and subscribe on both iTunes and Podbean.

Are you with me?


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