Today ‘James Talks’ relaunches as the ‘Poema Podcast’. This week we have three episodes – today, tomorrow and Thursday. The others will have very special guests, today’s is the first of some reflective episodes – all of these will be hosted and curated by me, James Prescott.

In this first episode, I’ll be talking about the changes to the podcast, and what we’ll be doing in this first season of the ‘Poema Podcast’. I also explore what this word ‘Poema’ really means, its roots in scripture, and how it’s fundamental to us exploring our identity, finding our calling, and stepping out in faith to create the life God intended us to live.

I unpack the idea that we’re all God’s masterpiece, our lives are works of art – and share how if we root ourselves in grace, we can be liberated to create the life God always wanted for us – and ultimately, help create a better world.

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James Prescott

Hi, I’m James. I live near London. I’m a fan of good food, comic-book movies, & books. I love to write, and I coach other writers & creative people. Thank you for being part of my community. read more...

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