Today Sarah Bessey, author of ‘Jesus Feminist’ and ‘Out Of Sorts’, joins me on the podcast. We talk about writing and creativity as ways we interact with the divine, and express ourselves spiritually – as well as the spirituality of the TV show Doctor Who.

Sarah talks about writing as her altar, her way of interacting with God, and expressing her spirituality – and how this can be true for all of us in all our creative work, not just the work we share publicly. Sarah and I also talk about authentic creativity really is, and how as artists, we can deal with both criticism and praise in a healthy, Godly way.

Sarah shares with great wisdom and insight, how what we believe about God shows up in every area of our lives – our parenting, our marriages, our work – whatever we do – and why we need to listen to our lives to see where our relationship with God is.

Finally we talk about our mutual love of the TV show ‘Doctor Who’, the divine and theological truths we have found in the show, and how the show impacts our spirituality and relationship with God.

Sarah has such fierce integrity, wisdom and compassion, and a genuine love for God and others – talking to her is always such a blessing and again, in this interview, is so inspiring, encouraging and challenging.

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