Friday 26th June 2015. A day which will go down in history. A day which will become many LGBT couple’s wedding anniversary.

This was the day the US Supreme Court ruled that same sex marriage was a legal right across the US.

I can’t tell you the joy I felt, as a straight ally, as this news sunk in. The freedom this gave to so many. A right which had been denied for so long, finally made legal.

In some ways it’s tragic that we should celebrate this day with such enthusiasm – because this should never have been an issue up for discussion. Each of us should always have been free to make that covenant relationship of marriage with another. To commit to be faithful to someone before God for the rest of their lives.

But the reason this gave me so much hope, was simply because it proved again to me one simple thing.

Love wins.

Love always wins.

It sometimes takes patience. It sometimes takes sacrifice. It might meet resistance. It may have to battle it’s way through lots of boundaries.

But, in the end, love wins.

Not a romantic, daydream love. But deep, aching, love which hungers for justice. The type of love which involves sacrifice for freedom. The type of love which breaks down all boundaries.

And this gives me hope.

It reminds me that no matter how bad things are, no matter how much resistance we face, no matter how much the odds are weighed against us, that eventually, love can, and always does win.

Hatred, despair, suffering and death may come. But it doesn’t have the last word. It never has the last word.

There is always hope of a new day. A new beginning. A chink of light for love to make it’s way into.

And that’s all love needs.

More Than Romance


Divine love meets us where we are, as we are, for who we are. It breaks down all labels we stick out, it doesn’t wait for us to have all the answers, to have our lives perfect.

It meets us in our brokenness and brings life and healing.

Love is idealistic. It’s the ultimate ideal.

Love is what gave birth to all things and draws us all together. (you can tweet that)

Sadly, we can easily downgrade it to some romantic, emotional idea, when true love is so much more.

Love keeps on loving when there’s no emotional energy left. Love keeps on giving when there’s nothing left to give. And love always seeks peace, without aggression, violence, or persecution.

Because real love never resorts to violence.

History is littered with examples of how true, non-violent love has transformed the world. MLK. Mahatma Gandhi. And of course, Jesus. Although every group has it’s more aggressive campaigners, a large proportion of the LGBT community, and their allies like myself, have long campaigned peacefully for what is a basic human right. In fact, you could argue, a divinely given right.


A right which has always been theirs. Always been ours. Everyone’s. Whatever our sexuality. To commit and covenant, before God and the world, to sharing our lives with one person, loving and being faithful to them for life.

And two weeks ago, this patience was rewarded.

Because, as someone once said, love is patient, love is kind, love keeps no record of wrongs. Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

And love never fails.

Love wins.



Question for Reflection:
How do you feel about the decision to legalise equal marriage in the US?
Share in the comments below (and let’s love one another, despite any differing opinions)


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(Pictures: Online sources / Rob Bell)
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