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When I began this blog, I was thinking this would be a blog about faith. I had visions on myself as a Rob Bell-type talking about Christianity, faith and life in an honest, true and intelligent way. I would use religious langauge, tackle religious topics and issues around spirituality, church and faith and share my own reflections on it.

But the longer I have written and blogged, the more I’ve grown in my faith, the more I’ve come to understand that being a person of faith, talking about what it means to be a follower of Jesus, is to talk about what it means to be human.

The things which matter most to us – whatever our belief system – are the things which Jesus is concerned with.

We all want to live a meaningful life. We all want the best for ourselves and those we love. We all want to leave a legacy. We all know there are problems in the world which need solving. And we are all on a journey to discover who we are. They say there are only 10 stories in all literature. But there’s only one which really stands out, the question we all ask, which is buried deep inside each of us.


Who am I?


This is question is just humungous (which, I might add is, a great word) . It’s huge. It covers a wide range of concepts, experiences, perspectives and questions. It’s the question we are looking to answer our whole lives. Most of my favourite films are the ones which address this question.

The reason The Matrix is so awesome for me is not the special effects (though they are kinda cool), but because of the journey of Neo from a man who is lost, without direction, confidence or purpose, to fully embrace his identity, and when he does he achieves things he never thought possible.

And we’re all searching for this.

We all want to know the answer to this question

We all want to know what we were made to do. There is a deep longing in each of us to find our purpose. To discover our identity. To know what it means to be fully human. And to be fully human, is to be divinely human. Because to be fully human is to embrace fully the story, the life, the purpose we were created for. (go on, tweet that)

So I realised to talk about what it means to be fully human, how we can find and live our unique story, how we can embrace our true identity, is essentially to talk about issues which are core to what it means to be a follower of Jesus too. And this means I don’t need to restrict my audience, I don’t need to use jargon (thankfully, I mean don’t you just detest jargon?), and I don’t need to mention Jesus every second sentence to address issues which matter to Him.

The issues which matter to Him, matter to all of us. So it’s time to start examining these issues, to discuss them, to blow open the box labelled ‘Who am I?’ and see what comes out. To jump, to take a risk and begin to embrace the story we were always made to live. In doing this, I am discovering myself what I was made to do. It inspires me. It makes me feel alive.

Like anything we were born to do, I lose track of time when I’m living it, when I’m doing it, when I’m talking about it.

I have no idea where it will go. Or where I will go. But I know it’s the road I am called to take. It’s what I feel most alive doing and talking about. I’d love you to walk this journey alongside me, so we can discover these things together, in the context of community. And I want to invite you into this journey today.

A journey of risk, of jumping, of embracing the truth of who we are, of allowing ourselves to be transformed, of embracing difficult questions because we want to grow. Because we want to be fully human in the individual way we were created to be, and know this is best done in community.

In other words, because we want to be divinely human.

Are you with me?


Do you agree or disagree with me?

Do you know ‘who you are’?

What would it be like to know your true identity?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.



Begin The Journey Today

5 Steps book_badge_AIf you want to come on this journey, there’s a few practical steps you can take.

First, leave a comment below. Let me know what you think. Share your stories. Interact with others. Let’s do this journey together.

Second, join the community. Fill in the form below and click “Discover Who You Are” and you’ll become part of my online community here. This means you’ll be updated with every new blog post, get exclusive insider material to help you grow, and above all, you’ll get my two free e-books on encouragement – ‘5 Steps to Encouragement’ & ‘Reflections on Encouragement’

Third, reflect on the question, ‘Who Am I?’. Think on your passions, your talents, your values – and be honest. Pray. Reflect. And write it down. If you have a blog , blog about it (and leave the link in the comments below). E-mail me at jamespressgang@hotmail.com and let me know your thoughts.


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