4119729692_89fc5848faWhen I first considered returning from my blogging sabbatical, the first question which came to mind, was ‘how?’. There were so many ways I could return, so many options available to me. I decided to simply tell my story, share the lessons I’ve learned from my time away. 

And as I was looking for ideas for individual posts going forward, I was presented with an opportunity to write a post answering four fundamental questions about my writing:

What am I working on?

How does my work differ from others in my genre?

Why do I write what I do?

How does my writing process work?

But as I began to answer these questions in my own life, it suddenly became clear to me that behind these four questions above lay some deeper, more fundamental questions, which can apply to all of us, not just to writers.

Questions which, if we are bold enough to ask them of ourselves, could be key to us all – me and you – discovering more of our true calling and identity.

This was not only a challenge to examine exactly why I write and return to my writing roots, as it were. It was an opportunity. Or several opportunities. 

First, an opportunity to share with you, my readers, exactly why I’m here, what I’m working on, why this blog exists, and what’s behind my writing. A way for you to get to know more about who I am and why I write. 

And second, it was an opportunity to help you on your journey. Because I somehow knew there were core principles behind these questions which could help us all, whatever our calling.

So here we go:

What am I working on?

Right now, I’m putting the finishing touches to my first full length book, ‘Mosaic of Grace: God’s Beautiful Reshaping of Our Broken Lives’, which is going to release later in the year (you can find out more here). I’m working on blog posts, writing my next book and planning the one after that. 

How does my work differ from others in my genre?

I’m interested in the power of words, stories and above all encouragement. And I want to help others – you – discover your own unique story and begin living that out. I share lessons I’ve learned from my own experiences, mistakes, and reflections which can help you discover your unique identity. 

I try to be honest, to be authentic, and real, and avoid the sugarcoating many writers use. The world isn’t perfect, and no process is completely foolproof. But my hope is the lessons I’ve learned can be of help to you, and provide some hope in an imperfect world.

Why do I write what I do?

There are two reasons. Firstly, I write because I can’t not write. I love writing, and generally write every day. Even if no one ever saw my work, I’d keep writing, because I love the craft. 

Secondly, I feel I have a responsibility to share my gifts with the world, to serve others and help them grow. And I try to use my public writing to do this, which is why this blog exists and why I share the books I write. 

How does my writing process work?

My writing process has changed over time, and it’s still evolving. Generally for a blog post I have an idea and I just flat out write the post, then go back and edit and rewrite over a few weeks, before finally publishing it. 

With books, I plan, go through the concepts and ideas I want to present, the bigger idea, and how this will develop, do some research into the subject, and then write the book. Not always in the final order, but again, straight out, before going back and editing. 

Occasionally I have ideas when on my way to work, in which case I write them down in my phone and send them to myself, so I can work on them when I get home. I have ideas for about 4 or 5 books right now. I’m an ideas person, so get a lot of ideas!

They key is to write without an edit button for the first draft, and go back and edit later. And take your time over a piece, to really hone it. But there’s always room for spontaneous, stream of consciousness writing too – indeed, some of the best pieces come that way. 

So there are my answers to the initial questions – and I hope the answers have allowed you an insight into who I am and where my writing is going, and helped you on your journey. 

The Real Questions

But there’s more. 

As I mentioned before, these questions were only the beginning for me. They’ve led me towards some even more fundamental questions which if we dare to answer them, could give us the clarity we all need to help us on our life journey.

So whatever your calling, wherever your passion or gifting lies, wherever you are in life, take some time this week and ask yourself some simple questions:

1) What am I currently doing with my life and why?

2) Is what I am doing what I was born to do?

3) What are my gifts and passions?

4) What is my calling?

5) What can I do today to live begin to live that calling out?

It’s time for us all to rediscover our calling and live the life we were created to live. (you can tweet that here)

And if you’re not,  then it’s time to change your path, and get on the one you were born to walk down.

Are you with me?

Questions For Reflection:

1)  What is my calling?


2) What am I doing, and what can I do today to live begin to live that calling out?



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