UnknownLast week I participated in Lisa-Jo Baker’s “Five-Minute Friday” for the first time. Basically, the concept is simply writing for 5 minutes, straight from the heart, on a given subject – and then sharing it. No edits, no marinading – just write and share.

Yesterday you might remember I shared a post about writing which I wrote on the day (in a bit more than 5 minutes). And this the first time I’ve blogged on successive days. So I’m doing a bit of this quick writing and sharing recently.

Although I know it’s been good for my writing, don’t worry, there’ll be some more of my regular-type posts again soon.

Anyhow, here’s today’s “5 Minute Friday” – the theme is “Remember”. Here goes….

Memories shape us. They have tremendous power. Why is it though, it’s always the painful memories which seem to have the biggest hold on us? No matter how much joy we’ve had, it’s the painful memories which seem to meld themselves to our souls the most.

I was walking down the street recently, and having a bad time of it personally. Memories of my past had all been brought to the surface again –  bullying, broken home, rejection, sick mother, losing a parent young…feeling like God was picking on me. It was messing with my head and my heart. I was pretty down.

But then, out the blue, it dawned on me

I’m still here.

I’ve been through the mill, and I’m still here. I’ve survived.

No matter how much we go through, or how our experiences shape us (which they will), they don’t have to define who we are. All the pain you’ve gone through has shaped you and will live with you in some way for sure.

But remember

you’re still alive

you’re still here.

You survived. 

Memories will shape us. Let’s not let them define us. Instead, why not remember something different. Remember a saying, remember a simple truth which no one can deny.

“I’m still here. I survived” (in fact, remember it by tweeting it here)

Remembering this truth could change the way you deal with your past. It may always be there, it may have shaped you.

But remembering you survived it, will help you move on. And it will no longer define you.

Are you with me?


What do you think? Do you struggle to let the past go?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!





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