image-17-03-16-18-31Today I’m delighted to welcome the one and only Rob Bell to my podcast.

When you start a podcast, and a lot of it is taken up with interviews – as many podcasts are – you know there’s some people you’d absolutely dream to interview.

In truth, I’m interested in sharing great stories, not just getting well-known people, because there’s plenty of powerful stories not many of us have heard.

But, nevertheless, there’s always going to be people you dream of having as a guest. People who inspire & encourage so many people and maybe has had a massive impact on your own life.

But these people tend to be well known, hugely in demand, so you honestly think you won’t get them. You think “they’re too busy, they won’t have time for little old me”. So it’s easy to not even try.

But the thing is, you’ll never know if you don’t ask. Because sometimes, they say yes.

A few weeks back, Rob Bell said yes. And he’s my guest today on James Talks. (you can listen here & here)

Rob Bell, I suspect, is a guy most of the people reading this will have heard of. (If you haven’t, go and buy everything he’s ever written and read it. Seriously. It will blow your mind and change your world.)

This guy has changed my life about three times already, influenced much of my creative work, and has so much wisdom on spirituality, creativity, and how to live life to the full – and he really lives it. He’s been on the Time 100 most influential people list, he’s had numerous New York Times bestsellers, is an in-demand international speaker (hands down, the best I’ve seen live), and has an award winning podcast (called, appropriately, the RobCast).

Today, we talk about all sorts of things:

  • How to be fully present in your own life
  • How we’re designed to be creative people participating in creating this world
  • Why sometimes it’s good to not have your calling/vocation as your day job
  • The church, faith and the spirituality of a Midnight Oil concert
  • And much more…
  • (you can listen on iTunes & Podbean).

The Power Of Asking

The thing is, if I’d given up and not bothered to ask, I’d never have got him. Ever. I asked Liz Gilbert via Twitter last year, and she replied. It was one of the most loving, kind, fun, and affirming no I’ve ever received. I actually felt happy, encouraged and positive after reading it, though disappointed at the no. But I’ll keep trying.

Actually, I tried to get Rob a couple of times in the last year, but didn’t hear back – which was fine. He’s an in-demand, busy guy and can’t possibly reply to every request.

But I kept going, I persevered, and eventually he said yes. And my hope is that because we’ve had this conversation, he’ll be more open to coming back in future as well.

Sometimes, you just have to ask. And persevere. You never know where it might take you.

Enjoy the podcast – it’s available on iTunes, or Podbean.


(PS: If you do listen on iTunes, I’d love it if you could leave a rating & review – really helps get the message out about the podcast. Thanks everyone!).

Enjoy the podcast and have a great day.


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