Words, pictures, songs, movies, they are eternal. They have no end. Especially in the age of the internet, there is likely always going to a space somewhere for all our creative endeavours.

The impact of what we create…who can tell? It could go on infinitely. You simply never know the impact your work is going to have.

I still get random e-mails and messages from people I have never interacted with telling me how a piece of my writing has had a profound impact on them, met them right where they needed to be met that day.

I think I’ll always be blown away by that. Something inside of me still doesn’t compute why God would use my words to have an impact on people for good. What I did to deserve such an honour.

And when this happens God always reminds me just what a privilege it truly is to have this talent to write. That writing is truly a gift. It’s not a possession. It doesn’t belong to me. It’s a gift, given from the divine.

It’s a gift with which I take as a true honour to be given – and there’s a weight which comes with it. A weight which comes with all artistic gifts, whether it’s writing, filmmaking, music, singing, painting – we must use them for the benefit of others. For the greater good. To bring light into the world.

It’s the same with all talents, all gifts. They aren’t to be abused, toyed around with or ignored. They’re to be used for the greater good.

Gifts, Not Possessions

The truth is our talents, our gifts aren’t possessions. They don’t belong to us. They are given to us, we are merely stewards of these gifts, and we have a responsibility to steward them well. To leave a positive impact on the world.

Of course, we take personal joy and satisfaction from using our talents – I will always enjoy the craft of writing, of pouring out my heart onto the page, creating something from my soul which I hope can help others –  but this joy should be secondary, a by product of using my gift for the reason it was given.

And maybe not too many will read my work, but some do, and some will. So if the light of my words impacts just a few people positively, that is enough.

Shining some light into the life of another person is one of the greatest privileges of being human. One we should all aspire to. (you can tweet that)

Whatever you do, whatever your talent, your gift, steward it well. Don’t use it merely for your own benefit, but use it to bring a glimmer of light into the lives of your fellow man and woman.

That’s what life is all about. And even the smallest glimmer of light is brighter than total darkness.

So let us all choose to steward our gifts well. To bring light into the world.

Are you with me?



Question for Reflection:

Do you see your talents as a gift, or a possession – and how would seeing them as a gift change your perspective?

Let me know in the comments below!



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