Recently I posted an interpretation of Psalm 139, rewritten from my own experience, to include and be part of my own story. As if I was writing it from my own perspective right here, right now.

I thought it was such a great experience which drew me so close to God, made Him part of my story and me part of His. So I decided to do it again. I came to Psalm 25, another incredible Psalm.

Honestly, it is such an amazing experience – using words of scripture and intertwining it creatively with your own story.

I would recommend all of us to try this, especially with the Psalms. Although it can be difficult and even painful at times to be so honest and vulnerable, there is power in bearing your heart, in writing down your story. There is healing that can take place which can happen in few other ways.

No one else ever has to see what you write, but from experience I can say, it is one of the most theraputic, powerful and intimate experiences you can have. It draws you closer to the divine in a way that is completely unique, and completely true to you and you alone.

So here is a reflective interpretation of Psalm 25, written from my own perspective, in my own language, but hopefully still respectful to the original scripture:

To you Lord, I bare my soul. I am naked before you, stripped down.

It is in you I now put my trust. I look across the tightrope and take your hand as you guide me across, trying not to look down.

Let me no longer be put to shame, nor let my enemies overcome me – but keep me safe.

No person whose hope is in you, can ever be put to shame – only those who come against me without reason or excuse.

Show me the way you wish me to go, O Lord and give me the map for your path,

after all, you are God, my Saviour, and all day every day, my hope is in you and you alone – despite my fears, doubts and insecurities, still I somehow hope in you.

You have such great mercy and love, please forget my the mistakes of my youth, my fear, my anger and my rebellious ways – but according to your infinite, immeasurable love, remember me.

For you are truly good O Lord, good and upright.

You instruct me, a sinner, in your ways.

Help me to be humble so that you can fully guide me in your path.

All your ways are loving and faithful, as you have always been toward me throughout my life, even when I felt so alone and abandoned. Forgive my errors, though they are so great, so constant and habitual.

How then, can I fear you better and properly? What does it mean to fear you?

Show me, help me understand, so that you can instruct me better in the way you have chosen for me, I may be more productive for you, that you will be able to confide fully in me.

Keep my eyes ever on you Lord, so that you can release me fully from the snares that hold me back, from the traps I always fall into. Show your grace towards me, for I am often lonely and afraid. The pain and trouble in my heart just seems to grow and multiply. The grief, the anger, the pain.

Please free me from my anguish, look upon my struggles and distress and make me clean of the ways I miss the mark.

Only you can fully guard my life and rescue me O Lord,

Keep me from being put to shame, and direct me to take refuge in you.

Grow my integrity and uprightness so they protect me, as I put my hope in you.

Above all, my Lord, save me from all my troubles.


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