One thing I always want to do is explore and develop my writing and creative gift. One area that’s always fascinated me is the concept of parables – I’ve not really written much fiction in my time, but a good friend recently challenged me to spend more time on some parables and to share those with people, to try to grow in my faith and develop my written and creative gifts.

So over the next few months I hope to be sharing some parables I’ve created with you here. A good parable, for me, is a story which answers some questions and leaves us with more questions, which communicates truth in a way we can understand – I will share more on that topic in a future post.

In the meantime, enjoy my first attempts at a Parable. We begin with ‘The Parable of the Perfect Church Service’:

A pastor was teaching at a church service of a relatively successful church, which he had recently joined the staff of. He was teaching on the subject of listening to God, intimacy with God and drawing into the presence of God. During the service he saw someone who had never been to the service before arrive, they moved slow and had a walking stick, but otherwise seemed fine.

As he taught he noticed her with her eyes intently closed, but seemingly very intent on prayer and reflection, with her hand open to receive.

No one tried to disturb her at all, all left her to her own devices.

At the end of the service after everyone else had gone she was still there, still with eyes closed and hands out, and it was time to lock up the building so the pastor quietly went to  tell her it was time to go. He tapped her on the shoulder and she instantly knew he was there.

She said “Is the service ended already?”

Surprised, the pastor said “Yes, of course, it ended half an hour ago. Didn’t you hear me close the service?”.

“No, sorry” the woman responded “I was so engrossed in my business with God I could hardly notice. But what a perfect service it was.”

“What do you mean?” the pastor asked “You arrived halfway through and were hardly aware of what was going on here!”

“Exactly.” replied the woman “It allowed me to pay full attention to God.”


‎’The perfect church service would be one we were almost unaware of. Our attention would have been on God’ -C.S.Lewis

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