Today’s post is one of the most honest I have ever written. I wrote it as a stream of consciousness, straight from my heart.

I let out what I was really thinking without the fear and boundaries I so often put up, or are afraid to go beyond.

Which is really what the post is all about.

As part of developing my gift of writing, I was challenged today to share something dangerous with you.

So here I am.

Being honest.


The Honest Truth


I want to be free.

Free to explore God and my relationship with Jesus without being bounded by theological rules or boundaries.

Free to think dangerously.

Free from the box of faith.

I’m tired of religious and legalistic boundaries, which seem to either limit or misrepresent the God I love and worship. I want to go beyond them, to delve deeper into the mystery and the unknown of God, so I can know Him better.

I desire to be free to ask complex and difficult questions and discuss them without fear of consequence.

Isn’t that what faith is? Taking a risk and trusting God will take care of you?

I am committed to exploring and discovering more of God, developing my relationship with Jesus and to grow in intimacy with Him.

I am passionate about using the gift I have to share my heart with others and point them towards the divine. To create a space for people to explore difficult questions without fear, and show people that the digital realm is not virtual, not fake, not a figment of our imagination, but real. To help people navigate and understand the digital realm better, and to use it to show people more of the divine.

All this will mean going beyond the religious, rule-based, theological boundaries I have in my mind, that religion has set out for me. Being willing to unpopular with some people, and accepting there are those who will not agree.

I want to discuss the questions we don’t dare ask ourselves for fear of being labelled or perceived as a heretic. Knowing I ask those questions merely because I desire to go deeper with the divine.

I want to ask dangerous questions and maybe suggest some difficult answers, without having to give a definitive answer.

To be free to doubt, without being compelled to doubt.

I want to learn to fear God properly and help others to as well. I want all of us to be free of the terror of the Lord. I don’t want anyone’s motivation for following Jesus to be simply that if they don’t they’re doomed to eternal punishment.

To me that isn’t God at all.

The God I worship is one of infinite and unconditional love, grace and mercy. A God who has reconciled all things to Himself through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

A God of perfect justice and truth, who wants us to be proactive in how we follow Him.

A God who wants us to be disciples, to take initiative, not just sit back and consume Him. Who wants us to explore, discover and ask questions. Who wants to directly engage with us.

Who created us and wants us all to create, to bring something new into the world that is uniquely ours, in whatever field we are gifted in.

A God who wants to make His kingdom a reality right here, right now and use us as the tools.

A God without boundaries other than His nature. Not limited by scripture, religion, rules, institutions or human minds.

Jesus is bigger.

God is bigger.

I owe it to God and myself to explore these things. I have been a coward for way too long. Run away too often. It’s time for me to change.

To go into a journey into the unknown with my creator alongside me. Trusting He will take care of me.

Are you interested in joining me?

Hi, I’m James and I’m a writer. I’m passionate about digital media, creativity & our divine journey. You can find me on Twitter and Facebook. To get regular updates on my blog & receive exclusive content subscribe to my newsletter.
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