If we’re going to go create work, and share it with the world, there’s some serious questions we need to ask ask ourselves first.

Why do I create?

What am I doing this for?

Who am I doing this for?

And this leads us to some more fundamental questions:

Do I create because I love to write?
Do I create because I have something to share or a story to tell?
Do I create because I love creating and using my gifts to help people?
Do I create because I have something to offer others?


Do I create because my confidence and security rests on the outcome?
Do I create to boost my ego?
Do I create to impress?
Do I create to please others?
Do I create solely with intention of making money?

These are questions all of us creators need to ask. Writers, painters, musicians, speakers, coaches. All of us.

Because if we’re doing it for the second set of reasons, our work will never have integrity. The truth behind that piece of work is about self, it’s about ego, pride, money.

And people can always smell the money. The truth, heart and energy behind a piece of creative work always comes through.

Art always tells the truth about it’s heart.

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James Prescott

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