the-power-of-words“Words have more power than atom bombs” – Pearl Strachan


Words are powerful. They have the power to build empires, and to destroy lives. They have the power to shape the direction of our lives. Just think on the words which move you most:

“I love you”

“You’re beautiful”

“You aren’t alone”

or conversely, cause great damage

“You are worthless”

“I hate you”

“You’re ugly”

Words are powerful. Without question. The messages fed to me growing up, “You’re not good enough”, “You’re a loser”, still deeply impact me to this very day. And words from others: “You’re awesome”, “I’m your biggest fan” & “Help me with my writing”, have served to give me great confidence, and make me the the writer I am. As I reflected on this, the power of words was again brought home to me – words have been the source of my greatest achievements, but have also created the deepest wounds.

Words shape us, define our very identity. For good or ill. (you can tweet that here).

And thus, words shape the world.

The messages we are fed all throughout our lives impact how we view ourselves, how we interact with others and the life we end up living.

Why is encouragement important? Because encouragement makes the best use of words. Telling someone the truth about themselves at the moment they need to hear it, in the way they need to hear it. It’s a gift which has the potential to change the world.

I don’t say that lightly. Encouragement can be like a small stone thrown in a still pond. It creates ripples which can go on and on. If we choose to use our words for good, to serve those we know and love, to be truthful with them and point them to who they can be, their lives will change, and consequently, the lives of those they know.

And in time, person by person, the world discovers its true identity.

This is the power of words.

It’s the responsibility I carry as a writer. But it’s a responsibility we all have. We all have words to share with world, whether we’re writers or not. We all shape the world with our words. So let’s make our words worthwhile.

I want my words to help shape people into the people God made them to be. It’s what all my writing is for, and this blog and blog community is about.

It’s what we’re all called to do. Use our gifts to help others become the people God created them to be – what I like to call ‘divinely human’. And to become divinely human ourselves. This week on the blog we’ll be exploring this more – in interviews, MP3’s and guest posts. I hope you’ll join me.

So let’s begin today.

Are you with me?

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Words change the world. This is where I use mine to serve you. I hope you’ll join up and come on this journey with me.


Tomorrow in the ‘Week of Encouragement’:

Lorna Kopp of ‘Raw Story Life’ interviews me on video about writing, encouragement, grace and other topics. Catch you then!



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