Do you feel like you’re alone in the world? Behind the front of social self we put on for the world?

I think many of us feel this way, deep down in our soul.

We ignore it, we cover it up, we hide behind status, achievement, success and even relationships.

But ultimately there is something within us crying out to feel we belong.

I know I can be standing in a roomful of people but feel completely alone, and not belonging at all. I am certain I’m not alone in this.

We were all created with this need.

With the desire to belong, to be complete.

All of us find ways of fulfilling that need. Relationships, drinking, drugs, success, sex, power  – and even church. But none of these completely satisfy.

The truth is we all live in a broken, mucked up world and are all broken, mucked up people.

It’s not as simple as saying the moment we become a Christian suddenly we belong, suddenly we are complete. That’s a lie that many churches and Christians perpetuate. That if we believe in God suddenly everything will be okay.

‘Hollywood Jesus’.

But it’s a lie. Truth is we can go to church, have an incredible experience and feel great.

Then we come home. Then we live life.

And we can’t carry that feeling with us all the time. Life gets in the way. We feel incomplete again.

This is the problem of treating God like a quick fix, a form of medication.

But relationship with God isn’t a quick fix, it’s a relationship.

That means it has ups and downs, frustrations and disagreements, times of closeness and intimacy, and times where we feel disconnected.

I’ve been a Christian all my life. But I still at times try to use other things to complete me – success, relationships and status for example. None of them ever deliver. I still feel incomplete. I struggled for so long as a Christian because I thought I had to have it all together and didn’t.

But now I have seen and understood something.

We are all incomplete. Even those ones who appear to have it all together. They are just as messed up as the rest of us, maybe even more so.

There’s no exceptions.

Truth is, God doesn’t suddenly put us all back together either. He fixes us piece by piece, and sometimes we throw the mended pieces back on the floor too.

God isn’t a magic formula which will make things all happy ever after.

God isn’t interested in that. He wants relationship. He wants us to be transformed.

To be disciples, not just believers.

Religion may say we have to have it all together. But grace says we can come with our messy and broken lives and be accepted as we are.

Grace says we are all works in progress – and that it’s okay to be that way.

So instead of treating God like a quick fix and expecting everything to suddenly be sorted, let’s enter into a process, a journey with Him.

Let us receive the grace that says it’s okay to be a mess. Let our lives, with all their messiness, brokenness and disruption, be God’s beautiful ‘work in progress’.



James Prescott is a writer & creative exploring digital media & divine journey of life. He blogs regularly here at James & is a regular guest blogger at and other sites. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.


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