imagesI don’t normally write posts and post them on the same day. I usually take time to edit and refine them, to allow the message to marinade in my heart, before finally sharing it. As a writer who is growing in his gift, it’s a good discipline to learn.

But occasionally you need to take a risk. You need to go out of your comfort zone.

And you just have something on your heart to share which you know needs to get out.

As it is.

Raw and naked for the world to see.

I would think of it as is kind of a ‘5 minute Friday’ of my own, on a Thursday, unprompted, unedited, on a theme which has come straight from the heart. It’s even in a different font, because it’s come straight from Evernote & I’m not quite technically savvy enough to change it. That’s how raw it is.

Seriously though, I’d recommend occasional spontaneous writing and sharing to anyone, especially those passionate about writing & creativity. It will unlock thoughts, feelings and questions you never knew existed.

Anyhow, here we go with mine….

I want to write words whose power goes beyond words.

I want to write words which open our imaginations to endless possibilties, words which point to infinity, which open our souls to the reality that nothing we can ever describe, experience or imagine can ever truly capture, contain, know, or aptly describe the wonder, love, grace, nature and awesomeness of God, or who He is.

In one way words are very limiting, but if we use them well, they can be liberating.

Words must always be the beginning, never the end, they must open us up to new possiblities, ideas, concepts, pictures, visions, and be our jumping off point for endless exploration and adventure.


All words are but a beginning.


Like the creator who spoke to bring all things into being, and whose creation, billions of years later, still expands of it’s own accord, the breath still flowing from it’s source to bring new matter into being. 

When we speak, we echo what God did then, and our words echo into eternity.

The power of a positive or negative word goes way beyond anything which can be contained or explained.

May I write words like this.

And may my words be infinite.

May they echo into eternity.

May my words point away from me, to boundless realities and ideas, to an infinite, limitless, and uncontainable divine. May they open eyes to the new creation beginning right here, right now, open minds to how we can make this possible, and stir people to action.

May they be a beginning, not an end for all who read them.

And may we all learn to begin our journeys with words, rather than ending them. Maybe we see words as the beginning of an adventure into mystery, rather than tools which control and limit the mystery into a box. (you can tweet that here)

Words have the power to open doors to infinite possibilities and realities, to expand our imaginations and help us see there are some things which cannot be fully known, explained, understood or experienced. But if we let them, words stop us expanding our mind, with the only consolation being control and security.

So instead, let us begin journeys with words.

Let us see words as triggers to open us up to new ideas, new journeys, new possibilities.

Who knows where those journeys will end.


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