Mosaic of Grace

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The world we live in is broken. All of us suffer. We all have our imperfections. Often, more recently, it’s seemed like there is no hope.

How can we possibly talk about a God of love and grace in a world like this?

Many of us have heard of grace, but not many of us talk about it. Many of us want to believe in grace, but the messy and often painful reality of our lives and the world we live in causes us to lose faith.

In ‘Mosaic Of Grace: God’s Beautiful Reshaping Of Our Broken Lives’ I explore both through scripture & the personal testimony of myself and others, what grace really is, how it confronts the truth of who we are, good & bad, how it’s central to our view of God, and how if, we invite divine grace into our hearts, we can be transformed & have our eyes opened to the hope which is right in front of us.

As I’ve explored grace, I’ve come to see it has an edge & a cost, and it strips us down and exposes our dark places. But in the process, far from wrecking our lives, I’ve come to understand how it’s through grace God puts our broken, shattered lives back together to form a beautiful mosaic.

Even yours.


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“‘Mosaic of Grace’ collects the messy and broken parts of our lives and helps us sort the pieces into a beautiful work of sacred art, giving glory to God.

James is a man of stubborn hope and you will close this book with a profound sense of encouragement.”

– Sarah Bessey, author, ‘Jesus Feminist’ & ‘Out Of Sorts’.

“Mosaic Of Grace is a powerful reminder of the potency and potential of grace to create true beauty out of brokenness, pain, and failure. With clarity and poise, Prescott takes us on a journey towards redemption, reflecting the true heart of God to us with every single page.

If you’re a person that has ever experienced the hardships of life, then this book is for you. In it’s pages, you will find hope, healing, and inspiration.”

– Brandan Robertson, Author, ‘Nomad: A Spirituality For Travelling Light’.

“In an age of polarization and angst, James Prescott leans into his life and the wisdom of scripture to show us a beautiful picture of the redemptive power of grace.

‘Mosaic of Grace’ is a lovely depiction of a God that is always ready to pick us up when we’re broken.”

– Mike McHargue, author  ‘Finding God in the Waves’

“I am so thankful for this book. James Prescott has given us a clear and emphatic picture on the unbound love of God, and how it is the one thing that can truly revolutionize our lives. I am more grateful and rooted in the grace of Jesus because of it.”

– Nish Weiseth, author of “Speak: How Your Story Can Change the World”