Find Your Creative Voice: From The Inside Out


What’s your story?

Are you struggling to find your true, authentic calling?

Do you need guidance to help you discover your true self?’

Have you ever thought, ‘I’d love to write regularly, start a blog or write a book. I have great ideas, but I’m overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?’

I can help you.

When I began blogging, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know what I wanted to say. I had no idea what my voice was. I didn’t know what I wanted to write about, or have a daily writing habit.

And when I wrote a book, I didn’t know how to plan, let alone structure a book. This was a barrier and delayed me from getting the book out of my mind and onto paper.

When I took a break from public writing, I discovered a process which helped me get into daily writing, helped me find my true creative voice, discover my authentic calling, find and get blogging regularly.

What I found was a set of basic principles which apply to our whole lives, and can help us discover our true selves.

Then, in the process of creating and publishing my book, I learned valuable lessons about writing and crafting a message, lessons that I continue to use.

I run coaching packages for people looking to discover their true selves and explore their true calling, new bloggers and writers, people exploring building a writing habit, and also to help people formulate book ideas and get them to a rough first draft.

Discover & Explore Your True Self & Unique Calling

Find Your Voice, Start A Blog & Build a Writing Habit

Discover & Hone Your Core Message and Find Your Unique Creative Voice

Build a Daily Writing Habit & Start Blogging Regularly

Are you struggling to connect your head with your heart, discover your passion, find your true calling, or to find your unique writing voice and get some focus to your writing?

Maybe you’re looking to find more meaning and purpose, and want to discover your true self and find your true calling, or maybe you’re a writer wanting to improve or start a blog but you’re not sure what to write, and want to find your voice, get blogging regularly, with accountability and support.

I can help you find your true self and calling. I can help you build a daily writing habit, find your unique creative voice, and start blogging regularly.

“As a coach, James helped me understand my identity, my calling, my gifts. Through James’ gentle but constant encouragement, wisdom, and experience, I was able to break through the barriers that were holding me back. My writing style has become more confident and my sense of identity is much more authentic.

James is personal, transparent and kind. But most of all, he is generous. He truly cares about your writing journey. Even more importantly, he cares about your personal journey and understands how the two are uniquely intertwined.

I would highly recommend James to anyone seeking to clarify their message, increase their confidence, reach a greater level of authenticity and a strong sense of identity and purpose both in their writing and in their life.”

– Julie-Anne Mauno

Find Your True Self

Investment: $1800 – payable in one payment or 3 monthly payments of $600.00

– Explore more of who you are and learn to connect with your true self
– Get support in building good daily routines & practicing positive self-care
– Open up about challenges, fears and anxieties in safety and take positive steps to overcome them
– Find the courage to take the first steps to exploring your true calling
– 6 hour long calls over 3 months with ongoing accountability via FB messenger and e-mail

In return, you commit to showing up for every call, doing the work and showing up for yourself in between, being honest about your challenges and investing yourself positively in creating the life you were meant to live.



Find Your Voice, Build Your Blog

Investment: $1800 – payable in one payment or 3 monthly payments of $600.00

12 one to one writing calls over 3 months
Communication via e-mail and messenger
Feedback & accountability
Guidance and practical help in finding your writing voice, get writing regularly, and starting a blog

In return you’ll commit to working on a building daily writing habit, free writing, and writing blog posts.



Want to write a book but don’t know where to begin?

Plan out your book in detail

Break down your book into manageable chunks & stop being overwhelmed

Go from idea to completed first draft within a month

I wrote, edited, designed and published a 6,000 word e-book in 48 hours. This book has now been read by over 4000 people.

If I can do that in 48 hours while experiencing chronic self-doubt, it is possible for you to get from your idea to a near completed draft within one month.

I will help you make that happen

You can do a book in 3 or 6 months – Here are three packages to choose from:

Gold Package – Book In A Month.

Investment: $2500.00 (payable either in one lump sum, or one payment of $1500.00 followed by a second payment of $1000 on completion).

20 half-hour coaching calls over four weeks (5 per week)
A detailed outline and plan for your book within the first week
Feedback and accountability
Ongoing communication via e-mail/Facebook messenger
In return you’ll need to commit to all the coaching calls, doing the work each day of getting ideas out, helping plan and ultimately write the first draft of your book within the month (approx 2000-3000 words per day).


Silver Package – Book In 3 Months

Investment: $1500.00 (payable as one payment or three monthly payments of $500.00)

12 forty minute coaching calls over 3 months
A detailed plan and outline for your book within two-three weeks
Feedback and accountability
Ongoing communication via e-mail/messenger

In return you’ll commit to all coaching calls, doing the work, and getting your first draft done within 3 months. (4000-6000 words per week).


Bronze Package – Book in 6 Months

Investment $1000.00 (payable monthly or as one payment)

12 coaching calls over 6 months
Detailed plan and outline for your book within a month.
Basic feedback and accountability
Communication via email/messenger

In return you commit to all coaching calls, doing the work, and having your first draft completed within the 6 months (2000-3000 words per week, approx 300-500 words per day).



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