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A while back, I was in an innocent conversation about writing in a Facebook group. And a joke about writing a book in 24 hours became a challenge. So on 22nd November 2014 I sat down and put together a new 11,000 word e-book.

The subject? There was only one choice. Authentic Writing.

In early 2014 I found myself at a writing crossroads. Close friends came and told me my writing had become tainted, untrue, unauthentic. Pandering to the crowd. And in the process, I’d become less authentic myself.

So I took a 3 month sabbatical from public blogging – and it revolutionised my writing. I discovered my writers heart once again. And I realised just how important it was to be authentic in our creative work.

We must pursue authenticity. Search for it relentlessly. There is no other choice.

Because our writing, our art, reveals the truth of who we truly are.

So was born, ‘Dance Of the Writer: A Beginner’s Guide To Authentic Writing’. And you can get it totally free.

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Dance Of The Writer updated Cover